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Groups are an incredible way to learn about your body, what impacts it, have the time to make sustainable changes, and get tangible tools to improve your health….all at an affordable cost and with the support of like minded women. These have helped hundreds improve health.

Independent courses are an affordable way to learn about your body at your own pace and dig in however works best for you. These courses are loaded with tangible tools to help you move towards greater health on your own.

YEARLY FIXED GROUPS (one start date per year). These typically fill up early so sign up as soon as you are ready!

Winter- 8 week Women’s Hormone Club for women 40+ Learn about hormones, how they change in midlife, and how to optimize hormones after 40 and reduce midlife symptoms. – ONLINE AND IN PERSON (Truckee) OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Every January/February

Spring- 4 week Spring Cleanse and Liver Love Learn about detoxification and your incredible liver. Do a 1 week nourishing spring cleanse to support your body’s natural ability to detox. Load up on specific nutrients in food that support detoxification, your liver, and your body at a cellular level. Reduce inflammation and toxins coming in. Welcome in the fresh energy of spring. ONLINE and IN PERSON OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Every April

Fall- Energy Club- Blood Sugar and Metabolism for women 40+. Learn about energy, metabolism, blood sugar, and how they change at midlife. Learn how to optimize metabolism as hormones change. Get support wearing an optional CGM (continuous glucose monitor). Takes place October every year. Online and in person options (Tahoe/Truckee)

YEAR LONG HORMONE CLUB ALUMNI GROUP– stay connected all year. Meet once a month for 10 months to dig deep and see big change. Starts March 2024 and runs through December 2024 (alumni only)

  • Summer- Badass For The Long Haul (Optimizing Endurance using Functional Nutrition)- On hold for updates
  • Digestion Club and Gut Reset- coming soon
  • Teen Hormone Health and Wellness– Coming soon

ONGOING INDEPENDENT COURSES (start anytime on your own)

Functional Foundations Bundle (learn more here)- Imagine understanding your body, what drives health today and over time, and knowing what to do to help your body function and feel better. 15 short videos, 6 wellness functional experts, recipe book, practical handouts, tracking tools, checklists, all the info you need to impact the roots of health to move the needle towards greater function. Simple, Clear, Actionable – PURCHASE THIS NOW and keep forever. Includes interactive menu planning support. $79

Low FODMAP plan and guide-

Get the tools you need to explore a low fodmap diet. This can be helpful if you experience bloating, gas, headaches, constipation, and other digestive distress. This plan is meant to be temporary as you work on digestion and what caused the reaction to FODMAPS (recommended with digestion bundle)

PURCHASE THIS NOW FOR $39 (or $19 add-on with foundations or digestion bundles)

Digestion Bundle (coming soon!)- This is loaded with tricks, tips, tools, and education around digestion and how to improve yours. 6 Functional Nutrition experts, 15 videos, tools to support digestion, herbal ideas, checklists, therapeutic digestion diets outlined, and more. Learn more here. Purchase this now for $79 (or for $29 as add on to Foundations Bundle). Yours for life.

Janel Anderson FNLP NC DNM

Janel is obsessed with how the body works and helping people understand their body better. She helps people use food, nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle to improve how they feel and address the root cause of symptoms and disease.

Every fall! Let’s rock your metabolism– Online or In Person
Women’s Hormone Club- Sign up early! – Online or In Person- WOMEN 40+
Spring Cleanse Info Here
SUMMER -3 Sessions For more info and to sign up click here!
Year long Monthly Hormone Club Alumni Meet Up

Mini Course- Functional Foundations Bundle- Gain instant lifetime access after you purchase this package– PLUS ACCESS TO CUSTOMIZABLE MEAL PLAN AND RECIPE GUIDE

More information here!! Don’t miss this offering


Endurance through a Functional Nutrition Lens – WATCH HERE
Find the podcast here- It is short, fun and loaded with tips
Watch this 20 minute replay about digestion

Please email for more information


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