Podcast- Functional Nutrition and Wellness In The Mountains

In this podcast we discuss health, wellness, and how to function better. It was inspired by many adventures out on the trail with my ER doc husband and other health expert friends (nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, etc) as we discuss and debate all sorts of health topics. Here I invite you in to learn about your body and gain tangible tricks and tips to improve health. I also explain what thinking functionally means and why it rules if you want optimal health!

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You can also watch the interviews on YouTube (Mountain Rebalance)

I would love to hear what you would like me to discuss or who you want me to interview!!! Email me at janel@mountainrebalance.com or leave a comment here

Listen to episode 5 here– Staying Strong After 40. (you can watch us on YouTube here)

Dr. Tara Kulikov shares 5 effective ways to stay strong and age your best after 40. 
Tara is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as well as a Sports Kinesiologist. 

Tara generously shared her favorite ways to increase longevity and endurance, grow muscle, lose fat, and maintain strong bones.  She even explains VO2 max and resting metabolic rate.  The trick is NOT to cut calories!   Have a listen to gain Tara’s expert insights

You can find Tara at www.acu-energy.com and
on instagram at Acu-Energy

Listen to episode 4 here- Pelvic Health, How It Changes, And 3 Steps To Improve Yours with Physical Therapist Caroline Corasantini

Watch the YouTube recording

What is pelvic health anyway? How does it change at midlife (menopause)? And what can you do to have better pelvic health?  This week was a blast.  Caroline and I discussed libido, pelvic pain, leakage, injuries, back pain, menopause, the vagus nerve, and more.  Have a listen, I am sure you will learn something!! I did. 

You can find Caroline at Synergy Wellness in Truckee

Listen to episode 3 here- Digestion and the Surprising Ways Stress Impacts It with Brianna Browning

What this on YouTube here

Often the root cause of any symptom or chronic disease state leads us back to digestion.  And what is upstream of digestion… Stress!   Join us as we discuss surprising ways stress impacts digestion and vice-a-versa. Plus- Brianna gives us 3 effective ways to improve the gut/brain connection.

You can find Brianna at Whole Roots Health

Listen to episode 2- Endurance, Hormones and Healthcare with Meggie Inouye

Watch this on YouTube

In episode 2 I talk with Meggie Inouye, a nurse practitioner here in Truckee and endurance athlete. We discuss training strong and smart, hormones, and what our healthcare system is missing.

You can find Meggie at Tahoe Forest Hospital

Listen to episode 1 – Herbs for Digestion with Mary McCullum

Watch this on YouTube

In episode 1 I talk with Mary McCullum from Mountain Song Medicine about herbs for digestion.

We chat about bloating, digestive enzymes, heartburn, constipation, and more.

Have a listen and let me know what you think! xo Janel

You can find Mary at Mountain Song Medicine

Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP, DNM, NC

Janel is obsessed with how the body works and what impacts it. She believes that when people understand their body better, they can take agency over their health and are motivated to make changes to improve how they feel, function, and age. Janel works one on one with people, in group settings, and she also offers mini independent bundles.

Learn more about Janel here

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