Coming Into Alignment With Your Inner Seasons – SPRING EDITION

I love each season and what they each uniquely offer. Until recently I thought that was limited to the weather. It has been an incredible journey exploring the inner seasons of my life. They offer richness and depth and honors how we are all constantly changing.

Have you heard of inner seasons? They transcend biochemistry and allow us to align with our body and soul at a pace that feels divine and quite primal. Most of my exploration around this has come from the brilliant women at Red School and it compliments my work with hormones and health quite perfectly.

I love the concept of inner seasons. It feels like a huge missing piece in our lives and resonates with most of the women I am lucky enough to have in the Hormone Club, as we learn about how our hormones impact every aspect of our lives.

Our inner seasons give us permission and space to cycle through different phases: sometimes daily, sometimes monthly, definitely yearly, and over our lifetime if we are mindful about it.  They often align with our hormones, how they change, and how those changes impact every cell in our body, our mind, our nervous system, drive, and even our motivation and desire to engage with others. Our inner seasons invite us in to connect with ourselves, to honor ourselves and where we are right now, to have compassion for ourselves, and to appreciate the different energies and phases of our life.

Our modern world does not have a lot of space or even a pace for this. Our 24 hour days and 7 days a week schedules ask us to be the same each day. As females we are naturally cyclical. It is up to us to step up and honor these cycles, our own inner seasons.

I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

Our inner spring is a time of promise, it is exciting, we emerge from winter and sprout up ready to charge and plan for longer days ahead. It’s about possibility and  playfulness, we experiment, it’s about doing, exploring, discovering, and our focus is turning outward again as the light in the world grows brighter and days grow longer once again.

In relation to our monthly cycles, inner spring aligns with the 7-9 days after menstruation. This is the time estrogen is increasing. Estrogen is known as our people pleasing hormone. We are often naturally drawn out into the world, are busy planning, engaging, and starting to charge harder as we near ovulation (a different season).

In relation to our lifetime phases, inner spring aligns roughly with our mid teens through our 20s. The time we emerge from childhood, get out in the world, are still quite playful, experimental and full of promise for what’s to come.

I love sitting with the idea of inner seasons with myself. Getting curious about where I am right now, why I might be making certain decisions or feeling certain ways, and giving myself permission to be where I am and remember that it will change. I also love talking to my friends and my family about where they feel they are at and how it changes.

To nurture your inner spring it works well to sit quietly and consider what you want to grow more of in your life, as well as what you would like to let go of and melt away with the spring run off. It is a great time to load up on high vibration spring foods to support energy production at a cellular level and detoxification. It is a great time to reduce toxins coming in so we have more energy for other things. Take time to consider how you feel about the outer world getting brighter, louder, busier. Set boundaries around the new energy.

We don’t need to change our lives completely when we honor our inner seasons, but understanding the different energies helps us have compassion when our life is asking us one thing of us and we are feeling something quite different or helps us to lean in where we can and embrace the present season.

Does this resonate with you? Do you honor your inner seasons and how they show up at different times in your life?

Stay tuned for more on your inner summer, inner fall, and inner winter. And the coolest thing of all? We get a chance at a second round of each season after menopause. It is truly an empowering way to approach perimenopause and menopause, that is when we make space in our lives to honor the different seasons.

The Nourishing Spring Cleanse is all about SPRING. We embrace the foods, the herbs, the energy, and lifestyle practices that are all about spring. For me, when I take the time to honor each season in a new and appropriate way, it helps me feel better aligned and mindful in all areas of my life.

Janel Ferrin Andreson DNM, NC, FNLP

Janel is obsessed with helping people understand their body better, how it works, and how to impact it with food, lifestyle, nutrients, and herbs. Janel is a board certified nutrition consultant, a functional medicine nutritionist and a doctor of natural medicine. She integrates systems biology with nutrition and lifestyle to help people feel their best.


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