Mini Self Paced Course- Functional Foundations Bundle

This is a tangible way to move towards health in powerful ways, no matter where you are coming from.

Do you want to learn about what drives health from the deepest level and understand your body better?

Do you want to learn the most effective ways to impact all of your body systems so you feel good today and moving forward?

Do you want tricks to help make changes?

Do want to do this on your own time and not mess with technology?

If so, you don’t want to miss the first health bundle now available-FUNCTIONAL FOUNDATIONS

This Bundle rules. It includes instant lifetime access to-

  • Guidance from 8 health experts (learn more about them here)
  • 15 short videos about what drives health. Topics include- Functional Foundations of Health intro, 3 Roots Of Health, How Food Impacts Us, Building a Plate, Guided Meditation Practice, A guided Relaxation, Boundaries and Alcohol, Blood Sugar Foundations, 3 Non-Negotiables to improve any symptom, Meet Your Macros, Chronic Inflammation, Tend To Your Microbiome, A guide to choosing Supplements, Sleep Better- Top strategies to improve sleep, Habit Change How-to
  • An accountability chart to help you make new powerful habits part of your life (this is so helpful)
  • Building a plate cheat sheet (print and put on fridge)
  • Nutrient dense foods packet
  • Healthy food staples and why
  • Grocery list for a healthy kitchen (print and take to the grocery store!)
  • Eating the Rainbow chart
  • 1 health focused and beautiful weekly menu plan and recipe book
  • Helpful links, info and discounts around supplements

All of this in one simple email or access anytime on Healthie.

Watch anytime. Keep for life.

THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE ASSESSMENT PACKAGE (if you get an assessment down the line, we will take this price off your package)

More bundles coming soon! 
- Digestion Bundle
- Autoimmune Bundle 
- Sleep Bundle
- Mental Health Bundle 

Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP, DNM, NC

Janel is a board certified nutritionist, a certified functional medicine nutritionist and doctor of natural medicine. She is obsessed with helping people understand their body better and supporting them to improve health. She specializes in gut health, hormones, and energy. Learn more about Janel here.

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