NEW HORMONE ALUMNI OFFERING- Hormone Club Year Long Membership

In response to several requests, I am excited to announce that I am adding a year long monthly tune up community for Hormone Club Alumni.

We will meet together monthly, on the second THURSDAY of the month at 9am (in Truckee) and 6pm (virtual) pacific time. Recordings will be made available. This is going to RULE.

Hormone Club Alumni only, please (meaning, you have taken The 6 week Hormone Club in the past).

Why join the alumni year long Hormone Club?

  • Stay connected with like minded women going through Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Stay connected with Janel throughout the year and bring any health questions to our meetings
  • Gain access to updated Hormone Club course content
  • Get email reminders about ways to optimize hormone changes in Peri/Menopause (tips, tricks, remedies, herbs, foods, recipes, supplements, etc)
  • Make sustainable changes throughout the year and hold each other accountable
  • Dig deeper into how hormones are changing and where you are at in the process. Share stories and experiences, learn from each other
  • Be supported and held accountable all year as you peel back layers of your hormone health onion
  • Have time for individual coaching and problem solving, ask all those questions you have
  • Dig deeper into sleep, energy, mood, gut health, weight, etc
  • Learn tricks and tips from each other that work
  • Add small habits all year that are effective at improving health
  • Have the time and space to try things and discuss
  • An affordable way to work on health
  • Share successes and challenges
  • Dig into specific labs
  • Unravel the emotions and energies attached to Menopause
  • Message each other during the month to stay accountable, tackle new goals, share insights ,etc
  • Be part of the inner circle!!
  • Make changes to feel your best that last
  • book recommendations, podcast recommendations- discuss any of these
  • NEW- new recipe/menu planning software available to make things easier in the kitchen!! This is incredibly valuable on its own. Instant access to creating meal plans, recipes, and shopping list. So easy. So yummy. So helpful.

Space will be limited

Sample monthly meetup- Start class by sharing where we are with our cycle or menopause journey, share struggles, share victories, discuss topics such as mood, libido, gut health, joint pain, sleep, labs, energy, spend time working through individual situations/cases/symptoms, discuss podcasts, etc.

In between classes stay connected via message board about- favorite products, books, podcasts, struggles, victories, remedies, accountability, menus, recipes, elixirs, supplements, etc

Hope to see you there! This community will be an awesome way to continue to work towards greater health and function in an affordable way

As always, reach out with questions. Email me

Haven’t done the Hormone Club yet? Check that out here and sign up for next winter!!

xoxo Janel

Sign Up Now For Year Long

$39/month for 10 months, charged monthly


  • Thursday March 14th
  • Thursday April 11th
  • Thursday May 9th
  • Thursday June 13th
  • Monday July 8th**** note day change
  • Thursday August 8th
  • Thursday September 12th
  • Thursday October 10th
  • Thursday November 14th
  • Thursday December 12th

Interested in meeting in person on Thursdays at 9am? Let me know! We can do that if we get enough people interested. Sign up and you can do either the noon in person or 6pm online

Can’t make a session? No worries. Recordings will be available to our small and intimate group and we will stay connected on the message board.

As always, Alumni can also choose sign up for the Full 6 week Hormone Club in January at the Alumni discounted rate of 50% off!! Promo Code HormoneAlumni50%. (**Only for women who have already done the Hormone Club once before). Or do the entire year!

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