Fired Up Friday Series

#1 The Gap In Healthcare- We Are Missing A Huge Piece

#2 Total Body Burden. It’s All About Accumulation, Not Just One Root Cause.

#3 Please, Don’t Be A Good Patient

#4- Why The Hell Aren’t We Taught About Our Hormones, What’s Normal, And How We Can Impact Them?

Coming soon-

  • Is Expensive Functional Lab Testing Really Necessary?
  • Fad Diets – stop the madness!
  • Why the hell are people obsessed with the next easy quick fix solution?
  • Medical doc and holistic nutritionist dig in.

Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP, NC, DNM

I am obsessed with science, helping people understand their body better, and educating people about how to use food, lifestyle, herbs and nutrients to optimize how they feel and function. If you know me you likely know that I can get fired up about things. These are some of them.

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