5 Sauces For The Flavor WIN

I love a delicious sauce! They bring the yum factor to any dish, especially boring  leftovers or any dish that needs a boost! 

I am a big advocate of always making enough for leftovers when I cook, or batch cooking large amounts of a variety of roasted/steamed veggies and a gluten free grain for the week. That strategy makes for easy and nutrient dense meals in a flash……. 

What makes that crazy fun and delish?  Sauces!! 

Teaching clients to use flavorful sauces is so great because it’s easy and satisfying. 

We usually have 2 sauces on hand each week to reuse and mix things up. 
You can add sauces to salads, bowls, tacos, roasted veggies, soups, eggs, raw veggies, grilled meats, grains, or whatever else you can think of. 

We go through so many different ones but we have our standard 5 that I will share here. I would love to hear what sauces you love.

My favorite 5 sauces are-

  1. Cumin Tahini sauce
  2. Amazing almond curry sauce for veggies or meat
  3. Cilantro tamari sauce
  4. Miso ginger sauce or dressing
  5. Vegan cheese sauce for a dairy free veggie/noodle sauce
  6. Avocado lime dressing
  7. Ginger lime tahini sauce

One of the dishes photographed here is of leftover fajita veggies and chicken thrown on a bed of lettuce, with added black beans, tomatoes, and avocado lime dressing. Everyone loved it and I would argue it was better than fajitas the night before.

Download the recipe pack for all 5 sauces here (10 bonus ones now)

Tell me what you try and what you like! Tag Mountain Rebalance @mountainrebalance so I can see!! Enjoy every bite

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