Annual Spring Reset and Liver Love! 2024 Dates

REPLENISH and REJUVENATE. Sign up now and I will make it easy for you to feel incredible!

“Mountain Rebalance’s Liver Love reset was not like any other cleanse I have done. Instead of feeling deprived, I felt nourished throughout the entire process. Janel provided empowering information on nutrition, delicious recipes, as well as other forms of self-care that support an ongoing healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this cleanse and look forward to the next one!” -2022 Spring Cleanser

Bring in the fresh and light energy of the spring. Nourish your body and your soul during this natural time of year to cleanse and reset. Set or reset new habits that move you towards feeling and functioning your best.

This is a chance to REPAIR and REPLENISH

Join Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Family Herbalist, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Janel Ferrin Anderson on this AWESOME and unique spring reset and deep dive into rejuvenation, detoxification, and optimizing how you function.

No fad diets here, just an awesome, short, nourishing, straightforward, seasonal reset to jump start your body at a cellular level. This reset addresses one of the pillars of longterm health- detoxification and rejuvenation

Reset at a level that is right for YOU and welcome in the VIBRANT energy of spring!

Give your body what it needs this spring to hit reset, flush out the old and bring in the vibrant new. This is a food based reset

2024 Nourishing Spring Reset Dates


Reset Packets and Reset Videos Go Out Sunday April 14th

Group Cleanse Week- April 29th-May 5th (or pick a time that works for you)

Group Message board available for questions. Food demos to learn new skills.

4 Optional Group Q&As to connect virtually or in person on Wednesdays April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th

  • VIRTUAL Meetings- Meet online at 7pm pacific on Wednesdays (or noon option available).
  • IN PERSON- Meet Wednesdays at noon at Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee (food demos after!)

Virtual Sign up – Wed 7pm pacific

In Person Sign up– Wed noon pacific at Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee

Spring Cleanse Alumni get 40% off as always! Sign up again for just $90 (discount code for spring alumni only SPRINGALUMNI40)

Hormone Club Alumni get $40 off. Sign up and use code SPRINGHORMRONEALUMNI

Early bird discount!

Spring is the season of the the liver and spring produce is all about liver nutrients. The liver is important for hundreds of everyday functions and directly impacts hormone health, blood sugar, nutrient storage, fat digestion, protein digestion, enzyme synthesis, cholesterol, energy, and of course DETOXIFICATION of all substances that enter your body through the air, water, food, skin, and gut. This is a pillar of health and one of the foundations of hormone health

We are going to REDUCE inflammatory foods and toxins, and LOAD UP on nutrients while supporting our liver and detoxification pathways

Sign up now for virtual Q&As (wed 7pm or noon)

Sign up now for In Person in Truckee Q&As (wed noon)

Yes this is a rejuvenating cleanse but it is so much more! Learn new habits and recipes to nourish your body for decades to come, empower yourself by learning the ‘why’ behind cleansing, connect with like minded community, learn what herbs and lifestyle practices aid us in detoxing, work with Functional Medicine Nutritionist Janel Ferrin Anderson, and eat delicious food while nourishing your entire body.

Come away feeling revitalized and restored

THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL COOKIE CUTTER RESET THAT I AM RE-MARKETING. I carefully designed this cleanse to help accommodate individual needs and support the body to function and cleanse its best.

Why Reset?

First off, doing a spring reset is simply an awesome way to mindfully load up on nourishing nutrients and give your body the tools to repair and set/reset healthy habits.

Bu there is one thing we all share which is our exposure to an increasing amount of toxins and stressors in our world. And while our body is designed to detox and cleanse everyday, the problem is the amount of toxins that are entering our body coupled with an increasingly nutrient deficient food supply and other modern day factors that slow down detox pathways. This idea is called Total Load or body burden. So it is not about one or two toxins, but about the accumulation over time.

Additionally, hormone balance at Perimenopause and Menopause depends on a happy liver!! Our liver detoxes estrogens. Making sure we are detoxing our estrogens in a health promoting way can decrease symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Who is this reset for?

You! Because we are all unique and are at different places in our lives, with different activity levels, stressors, gut health, cleanse experience, life commitments, etc… there is no one cleanse that works for everyone. That is why I include 3 options. This way you can pick what feels right for you.

I will help you choose what is best for you.

  • A building reset is for those that might be recovering from an injury, or breastfeeding, with a lot of physical demands on them, or are new to cleansing. In this cleanse we still bring in all the cleansing foods of spring and restorative practices but we include more solid foods, clean proteins and healthy fats to make sure you meet your needs.
  • A balancing reset is for most of us. We balance delicious cleansing foods, nourishing smoothies, green juices, herbs, and soups while incorporating supportive cleansing lifestyle practices.
  • A naked reset is for those that have cleansed before, that already eat a clean and nutrient dense diet, or that prefer the simplicity of this cleanse. As the week moves on we slowly move towards more liquid foods.


  • April 14th receive –
  • 2 Recorded lessons that you can watch anytime so you can learn about what we are doing and why we are doing it. You will walk away empowered!
  • Protocol, Menus, meal plans, recipes, cooking demos, herbs, tips, tricks, and more (THIS IS MY FAVORITE RECIPE BOOK OF THE YEAR).
  • Easy to use format and Cleanse Packet with tips on cleansing, troubleshooting a cleanse, essential oils, detox enhancers, herbs, and more
  • Message board for sharing recipes, experiences, pics, connecting, supporting, and for asking questions.
  • Pick a time to meet or watch recording
    • Virtual 30 minute Q&As on Wednesdays at 7pm April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th.
    • In person on Wednesdays at noon at The Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee
  • Cleanse/Reset is the week April 29th- May 5th (or pick your own week)
  • Group Lake Jump, for Tahoe locals, to kick off the cleanse May 6th at noon at Donner Lake

What have people said in the past about this cleanse?

“Spring Cleanse! Oh my. What an incredible experience. I’ve never done something like this in a group. I’ve cleansed before but doing so in a group was so uplifting and encouraging. I LOVED the recipes, the online support, and the WHY! It all made it so much more feasible. Janel shares amazing, obtainable, knowledge on not only the “how” but the “why”. I’d definitely do it again!” -2019 participant

“Great program – short and sweet with lots of benefits – easy to follow – LOVE the new recipe book” -2021 participant

“Working with Janel was a great experience. I felt supported and educated about why this was a good thing for my body. When I believe I am benefitting my health it is easier to stay committed to the cleanse. I feel really good and I will move forward having gained some healthy habits and a better understanding of why nutrition is key to not just my physical health but also my emotional well being. Thank you!” -2020 participant

“I feel totally energized after doing the Spring Cleanse with Janel and the group. She offered a great variety of recipes to make the week of the cleanse and to use in daily life. There was support to set an intention and also a flexibility to create a cleanse that works best for each person. I’ll take this energy and inspiration forward to make better choices in my eating habits and increase my vitality!” -2021 participant

“I just completed Janel’s Spring Cleanse and this is the first time that I have done a cleanse where I felt like I was truly giving my body exactly what it needs without depriving it in the process. The purposeful decisions from my cleanse (and as I reintroduce foods) have carried over into my life and I am loving the boost of consciousness!” -2021 Veronica Lichter

Mountain Rebalance’s Liver Love cleanse was not like any other cleanse I have done. Instead of feeling deprived, I felt nourished throughout the entire process. Janel provided empowering information on nutrition, delicious recipes, as well as other forms of self-care that support an ongoing healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this cleanse and look forward to the next one! -2022 Spring Cleanser

The Spring Cleanse has been part of my ritual for many years like my own “new year,” and having Janel’s knowledge and guidance makes it extremely easy to prepare, stay focused, and feel supported. Many of Her recipes have Become staples in my house which is fantastic bc it brings some of that clean eating for the whole family. I look forward to learning more from Janel in the upcoming seasons. -2022 Spring Cleanser

“Thanks again Janel for a great seasonal reset. I love doing these cleanses with the support of the group and with your enthusiasm and recipes!.” -2023 Spring Cleanser

“Janel is very thoughtful in her teachings and a wealth of information on nutrition. I felt like she encouraged us to have a great cleanse, but no pressure. Absolutely would do again and recommend to friends.” -2023 Spring Cleanser

“Love this cleanse! I felt so supported by Janel and the whole group. Two years down, hopefully many to go”.- 2023 Spring Cleanser

Click Here To SIGN UP NOW! Online

Click here to SIGN UP NOW! In Person in Truckee at The Food Hub

Let’s Do This!

Early Bird cost of the entire program is $150. Previous Spring Cleanse participants get 40% off (that is $60 off!!)

Price goes up to $165 after April 10th

This is NOT about depriving ourselves but instead about NOURISHING ourselves with specific cleansing foods. If you have done 20 cleanses or if this is your first one, this is for you!

Give your body a chance to reset, restore depleted nutrients, and reduce inflammation.


  • 1 easy to use reset packet loaded with awesome tips
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions each week with Janel
  • 3 cleanse specific menus laid out for you to choose from
  • 3 cleanse specific delicious and beautiful recipe books
  • lifestyle to support your body’s detoxification systems
  • bonus cooking videos include- juicing in a blender, making nut milks, cooking healing and cleansing broths, cleansing elixirs, and many more
  • tips on how to sleep better, process toxins better, supportive cleansing herbs, essential oils, etc
  • optional supplement suggestions at a discount to support your cleanse
  • recorded lessons about the cleanse so you can learn about how/why to spring cleanse
  • education around detox organs and how they work and what they need to do their job
  • tips on troubleshooting a cleanse
  • breathwork and movement practices to support cleansing during the week
  • discussions about how our liver detoxes estrogens
  • Message board to expand learning on specific interests, connect, and share with others
  • info on toxins and alternative clean choices

Join us for all the fun or take the protocol/recipes/packet and do your own thing.

Have you watched the fun Find Your Liver Video? More importantly have you found your liver? And can you believe how important it is? It is on the right side of your torso, just under your ribs on the right. Find yours!

Check out what makes a perfect spring detox salad here

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What people are saying about working with Janel at Mountain Rebalance

Janel Ferrin Anderson DNM FNLP NC

Hello. I am Janel. I am pumped to dig into a spring cleanse with you. Empowering people to understand how their unique body works and how the choices we make impact that is my passion. Optimizing how we function through food and lifestyle choices affects every part of our life including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Join us this spring and optimize YOU. Learn more about me here

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