Women’s Hormone Club and Reset- Replenish Your Body And Learn About Balancing Hormones- 40+

The Art and Science of an Exceptional Perimenopause and Menopause journey

“The Women’s Hormone Club is an essential for every women. This class is power, new insights, science, tangible tools and understanding your body as we age. If you are considering taking this class, it could honestly change (and save) your life!”- 2022 participant (see more testimonials below)

Hormones impact anxiety, cravings, weight, energy, mood, sleep, drive, skin, muscle, bones, libido, brain function, pms, headaches, bloating, hot flashes, future health, and more! Our Hormones change in our 40s and 50s. Imagine knowing exactly how to optimize your hormones and health as you age.

Calling all women 40-60’ish who want to age their best. Know your body better than anyone else so you can reach your health goals.

“Knowledge is power!!! Janel distills very complicated scientific information about our bodies into a comprehensible and easy to digest format. And it’s fun! Janel’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing how our bodies change through perimenopause and menopause is contageous. After learning more of the science behind how hormones work in our bodies, I feel more empowered to address my negative symptoms and curious about the next phase of life.” 2023 participant

6 weeks, recorded lessons to watch anytime about hormones and how to impact hormone balance, live meetings to connect, menus/recipes, tricks, science, community, 3 week hormone balancing and nourishing cleanse, access to all info for the year

Hormone Club 2024 – There will be an IN PERSON (thursdays in Truckee at noon pacific) and Virtual version (Wednesdays at noon OR 7pm pacific) Materials released 1/6/24. All lessons are previously recorded and available to you all year.

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Get the support, information, tools, inspiration, and accountability you need to powerfully transform your health from deep down.


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Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to optimize your health and come away empowered! Things we do today affect our health, hormones, brain function, mood, immune system, digestion, and energy decades down the line.

This will impact sleep, skin, libido, energy, headaches, immune health, anxiety, depression, pms symptoms, moodiness, perimenopause and menopause symptoms, sore breasts, digestive problems, weight, heavy periods, joint pain, and more!

Janel offers an incredibly unique and rich angle as a board certified holistic nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, a Doctor of natural medicine, certified therapeutic supplement practitioner, an Ayurvedic yoga therapist, Family Herbalist, and someone who has worked with women specifically for decades.

Read about how I get fired up around women’s health and supporting women to feel their best (blog).


The Plan-

Get information and course content online to watch and review on your own (you have this for the full year). We will meet 6 times in person or virtually to connect, ask questions, and learn.

Gain empowering ways to think into your own health so you can take charge for decades to come. Connect with other women empowered to make changes and optimize their health.


No fads here, just the physiology and how you can intelligently impact it.

Learn how to get various optional labs to see ‘what’s going on in there’ including serum (blood) labs and hormone (salivary and urine) labs and more. Discuss pros/cons of HRT and steps to improve how those work for your body, if you go that route.

Join us and invest in YOU!

My goal is to empower you to understand your body and to support you with all the information and tools you need.

All of this for $320 – Early bird price $288 (sign up before December 20th). You can also split the price into 2 payments of $170 if that is better for you (or smaller payments). Promo Code- EARLY10%OFF

Space is limited so we can keep the group intimate and you can get your questions answered. This group has filled every winter so sign up early!!!

What you will get-

  • 6 video lessons about what is going on in your body as you age and hormones change- access for 12 months to go at your own pace and come back to at any time
  • 6 live Q&As (in person in Truckee or virtual with am/pm option)
  • Daily email tips- mindful monday, tuesday tip, wednesday body wise
  • Recipes, food lists, and meal plans to support hormone balance
  • Course packet loaded with tips on sleeping better, increasing energy, reducing stress, optimizing weight, and more
  • Questionnaires to help you learn about your body
  • Specific information about supplements
  • Information about lab testing that relate to optimizing hormones
  • Lists of ways to ease hormone imbalances and reduce symptoms
  • Information about body tracking
  • Relaxation practices, exercise videos, cooking demos, herbs
  • Small action steps each week to help balance hormones and optimize how you feel and function
  • 3 Week hormone balancing and incredibly nourishing cleanse to reboot and reset
  • Optional lab testing with Janel after course ends
  • Space and structure around leaning into this new season of life
  • A community of support to discuss, share, and learn from
  • Bonus videos- cooking, strength training, relaxation, herbs, mindfulness expert, kitchen basics, clean products, master herbalist, sports nutritionist, etc
  • And so much more

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2024 DATES Here-

  • Course materials Go out January 6th! Watch videos anytime over the next 12 months
  • January 10th and 11th- 1st live class (recorded)
  • Jan 17th/18th- 2nd live class (recorded)
  • Jan 24th/25th- 3rd live class (recorded)
  • Jan 30th/ Feb 1st- 4th live class (recorded)
  • Feb 7th/8th- 5th live class (recorded)
  • Feb 14th/15th- final live class (recorded)
  • 3 week optional hormone reset cleanse- Jan 29th- Feb 18th or pick the time that works best for you

2024 IN PERSON (in Truckee)- THURSDAYS at 12 noon or 7pm pacific. SIGN UP HERE

2024 VIRTUAL (Zoom)- WEDNESDAYS at noon or 7pm pacific. SIGN UP HERE

2 monthly payments of $170- Email me if you want to sign up this way

Hormone Alumni – join either of our main 6 week groups at a discounted rate. 50% off- Sign up for whichever you prefer and use code HormoneAlumni50%

ALUMNI OPTION #2- NEW!!!!!! Hormone Club Monthly Membership to stay connected, learning, and working towards health at a sustainable rate all year! March-December 2024. Meet once a month together online. Share personal stories, tips, progress, etc. Sign up here. $39/month for 10 months

Sign Up Now!! In Person Sessions

Sign Up Now!!! Virtual sessions

Feel free to email Janel for more information and to get on the list to stay informed – janel@mountainrebalance.com

Learn more about Janel here and her unique perspective on health and wellness

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What women love about The Women’s Hormone Club-

  • “Having the recipes and the tools to be organized was a game changer!”
  • “Awesome information, supporting vibe, sharing of ideas , menus etc”
  • “Learning all of the insider tips (and science/health stuff) from Janel, the collective power of a group of women sharing ideas, doing the 3-week protocol!
  • “The knowledge & wisdom. The printable documents. The videos.”
  • “The depth of knowledge and details I could learn, delicious recipes, support group to keep me accountable! I love all the supplemental videos too!”
  • “Clear info, answered questions, hearing other people’s experiences and questions”
  • “Online format and recordings were great. Good information and perspective. Great format to give us info ahead of time to review.”
  • “I loved the videos each week and the group classes, but I also like the pace that we could set based upon our schedules. For example, with my family during this class was sick and I was traveling but I didn’t want to miss the class. It was really nice to be able to do my own learning but led by Janel when needed. I really enjoyed the science behind everything and I found myself talking non stop about your class to friends. The videos I really found helpful as I’m a much more visual person. I was also very thankful to you for getting my sleep back on track. This has been a real struggle for years and I find myself waking more refreshed and getting sleepy naturally around 930-10 pm. THANK YOU JANEL!” 2022
  • “I LOVE all the handouts so that I can re read and dive deeper into the info your shared. I really liked all the videos as well. so much good stuff I like the class so that we could ask questions and get your feedback. I LOVE the no judgement attitude of just be where you are. It is refreshing!!” 2022
  • “1. Learning so much awesome info 2. Sharing ideas, foods, info and struggles/questions with other women my age 3. The holistic nature of the program and that I got access to so many practical resources” 2022
  • “I enjoyed the cleanse and the list of Yes, No, and Bonus foods. I enjoyed the recipes. I appreciated all your knowledge.:” 2022
  • “The information and content spoke to me as I am experiencing much of what you focus on, the recipes are great, the pace is good it gives time to learn and then adopt changes as you go.” 2022
  • “I loved the videos. Enjoyed the information and loved that I could listen to them on my own time, at my own pace and as many times as I needed to. I thought they were a good length, not too long. I liked how you incorporated so many different learning styles into the course (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)” 2022
  • Printable manual full of goodness. Weekly videos- all of them! Weekly live classes. 2023
  • The evidence based content care, and passion of Janel, “easy” or non-judgmental learning environment 2023
  • The live meetings, practical tips on implementing better health (e.g. wellness Wednesdays), the *why* behind the what in both the modules and the live meetings. 2023
  • the learnings, getting to know other ladies, and having a specific time of week to think about this 2023
  • Community, lots of great facts, recipes 2023


What Women are saying about Mountain Rebalance’s Women’s Hormone Club-

“This is my 2nd group program with Janel and I’m astounded by the amount of information she provides us. It is so interesting to have the science to explain why we are doing the things that we are doing….it makes it much more motivating. Janel is passionate and supportive of you “being curious” and figuring out what works for YOU!” – K P 2021

“Janel’s hormone club gave me a clear path to start building more understanding about my health and hormones since turning 40. It’s like an awesome girlfriends group where you get deep knowledge and background about what’s happening with hormones, but then also all of the really practical stuff you need to know in order to do something about keeping things balanced. Janel provides so many tips, suggestions, and ideas (in additional to all of the science and technical stuff) that I came away feeling really empowered to continue on this path of health and self discovery – to really craft balance and health that works for me. The power of the group is also huge in maintaining the food protocol for 3 weeks – and it doesn’t hurt to be cooking from really great recipes and sharing ideas with the other participants too!” -S D 2021

“This class was great!! I have been looking for a lot of this info and with Janel’s help I was able to get better control on my health. She was able to update my supplements, teach me about blood sugar, put me on a better track with my nutrition plus gave me a whole new knowledge of my hormones and why I feel the way I do. Thank you Janel!! I am grateful for all knowledge you have given us this last 6 weeks.” 2021 participant

“The Women’s Hormone Club is an essential for every women. This class is power, new insights, science, tangible tools and understanding your body as we age. If you are considering taking this class, it could honestly change (and save) your life! For example, I was able to better grasp what needed to be eliminated from my body as it helped clear the “muddy waters” to make room for better sleep, hormone and blood sugar balancing and so much more!” 2022 participant

“If I say “My nutritionist said…” one more time to my family they will probably scream. But I learned so much important information of WHY we should make the changes, which I really enjoy. For example, not just “get more sleep” but WHY it’s important and what bad sleep can do to your body. I appreciate Janel’s passion for all things hormones and her support in making daily changes. We are not perfect, but each day we can make better choices that will help us live a healthier life.” 2022

“Janel has SO much helpful and practical information to share. She is supportive in the way she teaches and is easy to communicate with as well. I feel supported in my journey to better health. No doubt she will spark more curiosity about how our bodies work and will have you coming back for more. Thanks Janel!” 2022 participant

“The women’s hormone club is exactly what I needed to really dive in, motivate and become in tune as a new transition in my life begin. Food and supplements are the most potent medicine and Janel’s class will educate you in that.” 2022 participant

“I loved Janel’s Women’s Hormone Club 6 week class! I felt like I learned so much that is important to my health, not only about my hormones but about how to create balance in multiple areas of my life. Janel offered me a whole new perspective on my body and how to navigate the changes that happen during different stages of a woman’s life. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about these topics and so generous with sharing her knowledge and resources. She definitely goes above and beyond!! Thanks to Janel, I feel more educated and empowered in making better choices that can support my health and well being as I move forward into the second half of my life. I feel like learning about the “why” behind the steps we were taking during the cleanse really helped me to stay motivated and it was awesome to be connected to such an amazing tribe of other women my age. “- D. R. 2022 participant

“Great Program, I noticed an improvement in my sleep, mood, and gut health. The program has taught me that I can make choices that are not only powerful, but also sustainable for a healthier future” 2022 participant

“Janel is a wealth of information. She has a nurturing, respectful and kind approach to helping people take control of their health and thrive. Janel provides achievable action steps for improving your health and vitality and to help you age with grace.” 2022 participant

“Janel is amazing and her class is so motivating! You walk away feeling so much more energized and all around better. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone nearing menopause. So amazingly helpful!!!!” 2023 participant

“This course was the best investment I have made for my health & well-being in a long time. I now feel so much more informed & empowered to navigate my late 40’s + into the wisdom years. Janel created a well-balanced program full of science & functional medicine to support a woman’s whole being. She is encouraging, real, and full of important information! I am grateful for the time spent in this group, and I’ll be recommending to my girlfriends next time around!” 2023

“I remember sitting in my physician’s office and she was explaining the follicular and luteal phases to me and I was so nervous sitting there totally didn’t understand her – lol. I love my physician and she’s patient with me but Janel was able to show and explain the beautiful biology, phases, hormones of the woman’s body so that I can truly admire and feel so empowered to take on the different seasons and life changes that we are given. xoxo”

“I wish this program was mandatory for all women 40-60! I think a lot of us go through our lives, perimenopause and menopause included, at the mercy of our bodies and our lifestyles without really understanding what’s going on inside, or how we can best support ourselves. Janel’s program has been so great in giving me knowledge and tools to ease through the transitions of perimenopause with understanding, empowerment, and positivity.” 2023

“I love this group, and keep returning to it. I find that each year I’m in a different place in my health journey and I am ready to learn and try something new. There is so much content in this program, and getting the big picture is really important. But then returning to the program is helpful to keep dialing in the baby steps needed to incorporate the learning into my life! Janel is very passionate about helping women feel their best while also encouraging making changes at your own pace and starting where you are.” 2023

“Knowledge is power!!! Janel distills very complicated scientific information about our bodies into a comprehensible and easy to digest format. And it’s fun! Janel’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing how our bodies change through perimenopause and menopause is contageous. After learning more of the science behind how hormones work in our bodies, I feel more empowered to address my negative symptoms and curious about the next phase of life.” 2023

“This course was empowering, educating, and connecting. I feel so much more informed and connected with my body.” 2023

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Sign Up Now!! In Person Sessions

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The First Women’s Hormone Club 2019. That first year we were just in person and it was one of these ladies that named our group The Hormone Club! Thanks EV. A lot has changed since then. Join the club of empowered women!


Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

I obsess with helping women understand their body better. When we understand the physiology of our unique body we understand how much control we do have over how we feel and function. I teach the science behind how food, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, our mindset, genes, movement, and environment impact our body and how we can use them to feel and age out best. Getting the science, the community support, and methodical action steps is a powerful way to make change in your body.

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