A Few of The Videos From Mountain Rebalance Library–  Optimizing Digestion– Link to my presentation on Optimizing Digestion. Before we can use Food as Medicine we must be digesting, absorbing, and eliminating first.  It is not about what food we are eating but about what we can do with the food we are eating.  Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity vs Food Intolerance-   What the heck is the difference and why should you care? One of my morning mindful breath work videos – from one of my programs Hormone Basics- Important information to understand about hormone imbalance including pms, insomnia, fatigue, afternoon energy crash, depression, brain fog, and so many more. Immune system Basics My hubby and I sit down and discuss how to stay safe using both preventative and western medicine during these scary times. 

Experts with Exceptional Websites and Books

Women’s Health- Nuero/Brain – AutoImmune- Digestive Health- Gluten- Cancer- General Functional Medicine- Fasting and fat metabolism
  • Dr. Daniel Pompa
Endurance Athletics and Functional Medicine-
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
  • Uphill Athlete

psychoneuroimmunology (The Science behind the Mind/Body Connection) 

Wellness/Health/Nutrition Websites

Nourished Kitchen – Amazingly yummy recipes and great information on healthy living- Mind Body Green- Holistic and natural living- Find out what seafood is most/least toxic and how much to eat- Dirty Dozen-The most important produce to purchase organic to avoid the most toxins- Find out where your nearest CSA and farmers market is- Learn about toxins in beauty products- .    Minimizing hormone disruptors- Learn about toxins in household cleaning products- Best Gut Health Apps of 2019- Check it out here Great Die Off Article

Truckee Practitioners and Local Health/Food Resources

Tahoe Truckee Birth Collective- Mountain Bounty CSA- Community Share of Agriculture (local, seasonal veggie and fruit box) Tahoe Food Hub- Local, Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables Hole in One Ranch – Pasture raised lamp, pork, beef Slow Foods Tahoe Keep Truckee Green Truckee Demonstration Gardens Shop Autoimmune Paleo- Shop AIP Foothills Producers- Monthly delivery of local, organic, seasonal, and pastured foods Zenergy Massage- Truckee

Research Articles- 

Wheat sensitivity-  All Disease Starts in The Leaky Gut- role of zonulin-mediated gut permeability in the pathogenesis of some chronic inflammatory diseases Microbiome and Inflammation/Autoimmune function Gut/brain barrier role in depression Intestinal permeability and gliadin study Leaky gut and gluten study Antibiotics, leaky gut, IBD, immune tolerance Leaky gut leads to many downstream diseases Microbiome and its impact on Alzheimers  and other neuro chemical pathways

Link to Mountain Rebalance Labs 


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