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Tired of not feeling your best?  Not understanding what is going on in your body?  Overwhelmed with all the info out there and need help figuring out what is best for YOU?  Want to feel understood and heard?   Let’s do this!

I work with people motivated to make sustainable changes to maximize their health.  I work with people who want to shift the terrain in their body through food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle to support their health.  I work with people who want to feel empowered in their healthcare and dig into why symptoms and disease occur.  I can help people sort through various testing and get the right lab work so we can use that data to help design an individualized plan and track progress. I take into account who you are, your story, and your personal health goals.

I  love working with your physicians, other members of your health team, and family to support YOU.

We can work one on one, in one of my group offerings, or I am available to join any groups you have too!


I do not diagnose, treat direct conditions or diseases, or prescribe medications.  Instead we work with nutrition, lifestyle, and education to support how your body functions as a whole.   I work with the entire person, not your disease.  I encourage you to simultaneously work with your physician and stay on any medications you might be on.  I use labs, symptoms, history, and current diet and lifestyle to assess imbalances, offer recommendations, track changes, and ultimately shift the terrain of your body to optimal function.

“All disease starts in the gut” – Hippocrates


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Office Address- 9705 CA-267 #5, Truckee, CA 96161  (across the street from the gas station near the airport, second floor, #5)

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