Functional Lab Testing For Midlife Health- Is It Worth The Cost?

The information that we can learn from functional lab testing is incredible, but the price tag can also be a ...
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In response to several requests, I am excited to announce that I am adding a year long monthly tune up ...
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Health Maps- The Missing Piece Of Your Health Journey

For anyone feeling overwhelmed with information, or who is struggling to resolve chronic symptoms, or who wants to understand their ...
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8 Things I learned Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor Plus A Bonus Quiz To See How Glucose Is Impacting You

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM As a fit and health savvy woman in my mid 40s I was really ...
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The Energy Club- Metabolic Flexibility and Balanced Blood Sugar- The root of day to day and long term health

An online course designed for savvy folks who want to feel, look, and age their best. Get the tools you ...
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A Few Of My Favorite Things- Holiday Giving/Receiving Guide, Health Edition

Happy Holidays Gift giving is not my love language, is it yours?. But, I do love the holidays and the ...
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Need Help Sleeping During The Holidays? Here Are A Few Tips-

Does anyone sleep like a baby during the holidays? You might after this! With the extra holiday treats, rich foods, ...
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Fired Up Friday Series

#1 The Gap In Healthcare- We Are Missing A Huge Piece #2 Total Body Burden. It's All About Accumulation, Not ...
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Fired Up Friday #4- Why The Hell Aren’t We Taught About Our Hormones, What’s Normal, And How We Can Impact Them??

This really fires me up. As a mother of teen girls, a women going through perimenopause myself, and as a ...
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Fall Wellness- Back To School List For Teen Health- Top 12

I don't know about you, but I love back to school shopping. Not at the mall or for clothes or ...
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