New! Collaborators

Providing you with the best care that I can is my ultimate goal. Collaborating with other magnificent women who have different talents and skills to offer is the best way to do that. Meet some of the women below that I have formed connections with to better serve you. Hopefully you are as stoked as I am to have these new options of care.

Angie Brown, Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and Health Coach- Angie has joined forces with Mountain Rebalance to help coach people on towards their goals and to better health. She is a gem at listening, digging, and getting people motivated and supporting them on their health journey.

Dr. Christina Campbell, Naturopath (Tahoe City)– Dr. Campbell is exactly the missing link I have been looking for to help complete the full care that some women need. After we have worked with food and lifestyle and if you still need support with bioidentical hormones or more medical help, Christina is just the woman to help.

Nancy Candea, Yoga Therapist and Wild Woman Extraordinaire – I have never met someone so motivated and passionate about helping women have access to holistic health and wellness information. Not only is Nancy a wonderful yoga teacher and yoga therapist but she is also the founder of Underhill Life, which is an online community based around all things natural health related, inspirational, and finding your passion/feeling your best. I love her relaxation and breath work practices and have included a few in my group programs.

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