Women’s Health

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Women’s health  

The world needs as many strong and clear headed women as possible right now! 

Helping women feel empowered and ignited around their health is a huge motivating factor for me.  There is so much we are not taught about our hormones, cycles, nutrition, environmental impacts, and unique experience as women nor are we typically taught to trust our instincts and listen to our body.  There is even a lot of confusion around what is normal when it comes to puberty, pms, menopause, blood sugar, thyroid health, and daily discomforts such as insomnia and fatigue. Often women that are suffering from low energy, low libido, or brain fog are told they are “fine” or maybe just depressed or hormonal when really there is something off balance that can be nourished with lifestyle and nutritional changes.

It is time for a change!

I want to fire you up about your health and help you get to know your body so you can hear what it is telling you.  I provide education and dietary/nutrition/lifestyle  support for women to optimize wellness.  Choices you make today not only impact your health today but decades down the line. Helping women transition smoothly and healthfully through childhood, puberty, fertility, prenatal, postpartum, menopause, and on is an honor.  Together we use food and lifestyle to optimize energy, sleep, brain function, digestive health, immune health and more. 

Let’s take back our health and feel our best!

I have been working with women specifically for decades.  From my early days attending almost 50 births as a birth doula and teaching holistic childbirth education, to working as a yoga therapist and teaching yoga classes to women of all ages, to now working with women to use food, lifestyle and herbs to optimize how their body functions and address root causes of symptoms and disease.  I feel passionately about helping women understand their unique body and supporting them to feel their best.   


Women’s Hormone Club- 6 weeks together- Winter 2021- more info here

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