Preparations and Recipes

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Nutritious and Easily Digested Foods -Preparation Techniques and Recipes- VIDEOS

  1. Making Sprouts video
  2. Making Nut Milk video
  3. My favorite Ginger Beer to replace my nightly beer. The only thing that ever helped me break happy hour habit.
  4. Immune Boosting Granola

Eating for Health Breakfast Ideas

  • Banana Boats- my kids AND my favorite quick and easy breakfast choice (plus its FUN to play with your food!)
  • Chocolate Nutrient Dense Breakfast Bomb- a 3 minute breakfast smoothie for days you are on the run
  • Yum! Shift your mindset and feel-your-best breakfast- sauteed onion, garlic, veggies and ground lamb- Recipe and picture
  • 2 organic eggs, fermented beets, sauteed kale- Picture
  • My favorite clean granola, blueberries, raspberries, coconut yogurt, chia and hemp seeds- Recipe
  • Leftovers, just saying
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