I love good food and I love feeling my best. It is amazing what an impact the food we eat has on our health both today and decades down the line. Often we don’t even realize the foods we are eating is causing problems until we clean things up a bit.

Cleaning up our food and eating nutrient rich meals is the first step to addressing any health condition. We call it ‘clearing the muddy waters’ in Functional Nutrition. Because Digestion and Chronic Inflammation are the number one drivers of all chronic health problems, starting with what you put into your mouth everyday makes a huge impact.

It is about taking what what might be causing problems and adding what your body needs to repair, restore and function its best

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Nutritious and Easily Digested Foods -Preparation Techniques and Recipes-

  1. Make a Cucumber Mojito with Aloe mocktail with me!
  2. Immune Boosting Granola
  3. Check out my blog for lots more yummy recipes
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  5. I love fall and this post has a few great fall recipes and traditions
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Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP NC

Janel is a board certified nutritionist and a certified functional medicine practitioner as well as family herbalist and has her doctorate in natural medicine. She helps people understand what is going on in their body and uses food, lifestyle, and herbs to help people shift the terrain towards health and optimal function. Groups, hormones, immune health and gut health are her favorite topics!

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