Working with each of my clients has been an honor and I am endlessly grateful to be practicing the work of my heart and soul.  Selective testimonials below.

“Spring Cleanse! Oh my. What an incredible experience. I’ve never done something like this in a group. I’ve cleansed before but doing so in a group was so uplifting and encouraging. I LOVED the recipes, the online support, and the WHY! It all made it so much more feasible. Janel shares amazing, obtainable, knowledge on not only the “how” but the “why”. I’d definitely do it again!” – Spring Cleanser 2019

“Working with Janel was a great experience. I felt supported and educated about why this was a good thing for my body. When I believe I am benefitting my health it is easier to stay committed to the cleanse. I feel really good and I think I will move forward having gained some healthy habits and a better understanding of why nutrition is key to not just my physical health but also my emotional well being. Thank you!” – Spring Cleanser 2019

“Great week and awesome support from Janel – the Spring Cleanse was a great success for me. Janel helped me to get thru it even I could not stick to the “full” plan. Definitely doing it again!” -Spring Cleanser 2019

Janel led me through a very difficult pregnancy. I attribute my easy labor to attending Janel’s classes. She truly made the ladies attending class feel special and loved. After the birth of my son, we continued to attend  classes which not only helped me get out of the house, but toned my pelvic floor, helping me heal from childbirth and reducing the likelihood of having lasting issues related to birthing. Having four children of her own, she has a deep understanding of women’s health and wellness. I would recommend her soulful guidance to women seeking enlightenment and healing through naturopathic modalities.” -Taylor Ann, Truckee, 2015-  

 I started working with Janel after my husband broke his femur. We had two young boys at the time and was taking care of everyone day and night, including two dogs and a cat. I was at the end of my rope and really needed some serious self-care to keep myself going and continue tending to everyone’s needs in a state genuine joy, not martyrdom. Janel has an intuitive knowledge. She has an amazing sense about what your body and soul need.”  -Emily- January 2014  

“I met Janel Ferrin years ago when she was a birth doula at Boulder Community Hospital and I was a Certified Nurse Midwife. I was able to witness Janel’s work in both a clinical and hospital setting. Janel would often accompany clients to their prenatal appointments at the clinic where I was working. Janel’s presence is always calming and reassuring to our joint clients. Janel is super professional with her clients providing evidence
based care and always providing unbiased information and care to our clients. During birth, Janel was a solid rock of presence enabling patients to fully drop into the experience of birth and be present for their individual experience. Janel was able to be fully present for each and every client no matter what twists and turns their birth would take. Janel has an excellent ability to separate herself from the client and therefore
provide solid unbiased care that is fully informed by the situation and her own knowledge” -Midwife Angela 2014

“I am writing to highly recommend Janel Ferrin as health care professional. Janel was my family’s doula for both of my children – one in 2008 and one in 2011. I am eternally grateful for her deep knowledge, experience, and reassuring guidance throughout my pregnancies, births and post-natal care. She and I talked about nutrition, helpful yoga postures, relaxation techniques, and what to expect when the baby came, both physically and mentally. She is a stable, reassuring, inspiring rock. I know I could always count on her ifI needed to. I highly recommend her in any situation where people rely on health care and loving, intelligent guidance to make their lives better.” -Suzanne 2011

“You have a radiant, positive, energy that we love being around. As our doula, you were incredibly supportive and reassuring to us both.  Your presence at Mia’s birth was exactly what we needed. We appreciate your advice and the personal and professional expertise that you contributed. The photos you took were the most amazing surprise gift!   Thank you for everything.” Love, Debbie and Roy 2010

“Janel’s committment never wavered and her support was rock solid.  I wish I had stronger words to express how instrumental in our birth Janel was – but I don’t.  All I can say is that Janel helped us to have the birth we always dreamed of – one where we felt comforted, protected, cherished and that produced a lovely little boy. -Elizabeth 2008

“Janel -We want to thank you for all your help and support before, during and after our son, Isaac’s, birth. Your presence, knowledge and encouragement were invaluable. You helped us to stay calm and explore all of the options with the doctors. You were right there reminding me of my breath, inner strength and power.  And all the time supporting my husband, Kevin, during the labor and birth of our son.  You allowed us to have the natural birth we so desired and we could not have done it with out you. -Kelly 2008

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