F.I.N.D S.E.X. and Heal Your Autoimmune Disease

Following Dr. Alex Vazquez’s FIND SEX protocol can help you manage your autoimmune inflammatory disease from its root cause.   While it is no magic pill (it actually takes work and lifestyle changes), it is a highly effective and a complete systems based approach to reducing chronic inflammation and calming autoimmunity.

Autoimmune disease effects an increasing number of Americans every year and is the fastest growing group of chronic diseases.  Our understanding of them is still growing as we learn more about root causes of disease. An autoimmune disease occurs when someones immune system mistakes itself as an invader and attacks it.   The immune system has lost its ability to differentiate self from non self and damages the tissues where this occurs.  This happens for a variety of reasons and differs from person to person.  Some things that make someone more susceptible to autoimmune disease are environmental toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies, genetic, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, heavy metals, neuro-endocrine disruptors, etc.    The list of autoimmune diseases is growing every year as we learn more about the mechanism of disease.  Some examples of autoimmune disease are: Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Chron’s Disease,  Lupus, and more.

Pharmacologically one may be prescribed a drug that will suppress the immune system. Medication certainly has its place in the world but this does not address the underlying cause of autoimmune dysfunction and comes with side affects.  From a more natural and root cause approach or as a compliment to pharmaceuticals we can work with Dr. Vasquez’s FIND SEX paradigm to help people feel better and heal.   Here is what it stands for-

F-  Food (not only what you are eating but what you are actually absorbing, so looking at functioning of the entire GI tract from top to bottom along with removing immune trigger foods and sensitivities)

I- Infections (checking to see if there are any underlying infections that are causing chronic inflammation, these can go undetected for years)

N- Nutrients (reading labs or going by symptoms to discover any nutrient deficiencies from lack of them in the diet, from not properly digesting them, or having genetic problems with processing/converting them to usable forms)

D- Dysfunctional Mitochondria (ensuring your mitochondria have the necessary precursors they need to function properly to turn food into fuel for every body process)

S- Stress, sleep, sociology, etc (working on these critical daily habits)

E- Endocrine imbalances (checking hormone levels and endocrine communication as well as balancing blood sugar which wreaks havoc systemically in the body for most people not just diabetics)

X- Xenobiotics (looking at what toxins you are potentially exposed to through your home, work, cosmetics, foods, etc and reducing the total load on your body)

Again, this is no magic pill because unfortunately that does not exist for true healing.  It is highly individualized depending on each persons own gut health, toxic load, nutrient levels, hormonal balance, mitochondria function, genetics, and infection status.   Addressing each of these areas is essential to have a long term effective plan.

We work people to individualize their health plan and I can assure you we will be talking about FIND SEX.  Come see us, check out one of several of Dr. Vasquez’s brilliant books,  make big grassroots changes and feel the difference yourself.

Another great article to check out about Functional Medicine and Autoimmunity by Dr Mark Hyman- https://drhyman.com/blog/2015/07/24/10-strategies-to-reverse-autoimmune-disease/

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