5 Steps To ROCK Midlife Hormones And Emerge After Menopause As The Greatest Version Of YOU

The truth is, midlife hormone changes are intense.

These changes start around 40 and often last many years, up until things settle into a new norm after menopause.

The journey to and through Menopause can shake us at our core- physically and emotionally.

We are all going to go through it but how that happens and how we emerge on the other side is largely up to us.

Some women have been dealing with challenges each month as hormones change throughout the cycle, while some women have been moving through the monthly cycle with ease until perimenopause. Regardless, when our hormones go through midlife changes as we near Menopause, most of us get pretty rocked- mind, body, spirit or all.

But here is the thing, it doesn’t have to suck. However there is not one herb or medicine that is the magic ticket.

For most of us, hormones start changing sometime around 35-40 years old. Often the changes start off slowly, where we are hardly aware, then as time continues our hormone changes increase and more symptoms may show up (and more frustration and confusion as we can hardly recognize ourselves and feel like we are losing our minds).

We aren’t taught that this change happens in a methodical and predictable order, even though it does not feel like it. Although the timing and speed varies, the order of hormone change is often consistent. Understanding this order can keep us from feeling like we are losing our minds, give us effective tools to relieve symptoms, and help us feel comfortable leaning into the energetics of this big life change so we emerge as the best version of ourselves.

Again, our hormones impact every part of us. There is not a cell in our body that does not feel the change at midlife and our body/mind has to recalibrate: Our immune system, brain, muscles, bones, skin, drive, libido, relationships, mood, sleep, and even susceptibility to future health issues. They are all impacted.

I love doctors, I am married to one, but the medical system does not have many tools to help during this phase (nor do they really even understand it!). Most often women are prescribed the pill, an antidepressant, or more recently weight loss drugs to mitigate midlife symptoms. And yes there is a place for meds, but that is not the only answer and there is a lot you can do to impact how you transition in midlife that supports your entire body to age healthy and strong.

So what do we do if we want to feel healthy, strong, empowered, and ROCK this phase of life? Here are my 5 steps you need to address to crush midlife and beyond. Any one of them will support your journey (and we work on all of them together at The Women’s Hormone Club).

1.Learn about what hormones change and when.

This is INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING. As different hormones change different symptoms might emerge and different tools work at various stages. In a small nut shell- Typically it is progesterone that is the first hormone to become irregular and eventually drop low. With this we might feel new anxiety, lose precious sleep, have shorter cycles or mid cycle spotting. Next Estrogen goes haywire. It can go sky high and then plumet to a new low and repeat that at an unpredictable pace for a while. That is the time symptoms can be all over the place as we might suffer from low estrogen and high estrogen month to month. Cycles might start getting longer during this time and bleeding may become heavy. Finally estrogen hits a new low and stays low. That is when women often experience midsection weight gain, longer cycles or skipped cycles, hot flashes, etc. Eventually things settle to the new norm hormonally and how your body is functioning impacts how this goes and how you feel. Do you know where you are in the process?

2. Use nutrition and lifestyle to improve how your body functions and how you feel during this time. Address the ‘terrain”

We are not victims to our hormones and there is actually a lot we can do to impact our hormone symptoms, this is true for our monthly cycle as well as bigger hormone shifts like Perimenopause and Menopause. By giving our body what it needs to make, process, receive, metabolize and clear out our hormones many people find huge relief and reduced symptoms. There are simple and clear steps that improve how we feel including working on our microbiome, supporting detoxification, reducing chronic inflammation, supporting our hpa axis (stress), optimizing blood sugar, reducing toxins that disrupt hormones, restoring circadian rhythm, tuning up digestion, addressing any nutrient deficiencies, and getting proper nutrition from food to make happy hormones and our body. Any one of these will help. Start small. More protein? Morning light? Bone broth? Enough magnesium? What one thing do?

3. Add tricks and tools to mitigate and reduce hormone symptoms.

Our hormones are going to change, there is no stopping that process. However, we don’t want to feel awful as that happens. Working on the steps above helps relieve a lot of distress but we still might need support as the various hormones change (I did!). So, as needed, there are effective tricks for mitigating symptoms that arise as each of our hormones fluctuate and eventually drop. We can use nutrients, herbs, acupuncture, breathwork, meditation, amino acids, hormone replacement therapy, or other tools to ease our transition. But no one tool works for every phase. That is why understanding what is happening is magic! It makes you the expert of your body.

4. Tap into what is calling your soul for the second part of life.

There is more than just the physical part of menopause when in comes to change. There is a spiritual component that when we give ourselves the time and space to lean into, we have the ability to step into the best version of ourselves yet for our next season of life. It is an empowering time to consider how we want to live the second half of our lives. Now that our people pleasing hormones have done their work, who are we? What calls to our heart and soul? How do we want to emerge after Menopause? This is a step that we can easily be overlook but it is an opportunity for an incredible and meaningful life upgrade as we step into our wise years. Have you spent time here? It requires some quiet and mindfulness and yes, you have time.

5. Connect with community.

Why do we all navigate this on our own? It can be isolating and frustrating. I believe in the power of coming together, sharing, connecting, and supporting one another. Joining or creating a group of women to share openly with is uplifting, validating, and can improve our menopause journey.

It is never too early or too late to start addressing these 5 steps. And the cool thing is any one of these you choose to focus on will support your body, brain, and soul for decades. Pick one small thing and jump in. Or join me at The Women’s Hormone Club and get support.

What has your journey been like so far in midlife? I would love to hear about it.

VIDEO- But there is so much you can do to ROCK it

Janel Anderson NC FNLP DNM

It is my mission to help people understand their body better, how it works, how it changes, how it is impacted by our world and how we can improve symptoms and function while preventing future health issues. I use science, education, food, lifestyle, herbs, and nutrients, to shift the body towards better function. I focus on midlife mountain women but am happy to work with anyone. Learn more about me here

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