Booster Foods to Maximize Health

Your body is made of cells and those cells are effected by the environment you expose them to.   Things that damage your cells and ultimately create chronic and debilitating degenerative conditions are: toxic exposure, blood sugar instability, inflammation, oxidative damage by free radicals, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and insufficient macro/micro/phyto nutrients (due to impaired absorption, decreasing nutrients in our foods, or lack of consumption).

Along with avoiding environmental exposure, decreasing stress, getting enough sleep, and eating a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables,  adding booster foods to your daily diet can help you feel more energized and ward off chronic diseases.  Booster foods give you a ton of nutrient bang for your buck.  They provide many of precursors that your cells need to function properly and do their jobs and in result keep you healthy.   They are full of antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, probiotics, and protein.  The best ones to add to maximize the integrity of your cells are:

    • Nutritional Yeast
    • Green powders
    • Algae, seaweeds (chlorella, spirulina, dulse, kelp, sea palm, hijiki, etc)
    • A variety of Spices and Herbs – add as many as you can to your snacks and meals! Dry or fresh but add them.
    • Nuts and Seeds (flax, hemp, sesame, chia, sunflower, etc AND seeds to sprout such as alfalfa, broccoli, etc).
    • Fermented foods (sauerkraut, miso, kumbucha, apple cider vinegar, etc)
    • Beverages- mineral broths, bone broths, green tea, herbal teas (there are hundreds of yummy herbal teas with endless health benefits)
    • Protein powders- whey, hemp, pea, brown rice, collagen
    • Rainbow fruits and vegetables

Put these important foods in your cabinet or fridge, place them where you can see them, and add them to your daily diet as much as you can.

Enjoy! Janel

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