A Few Of My Favorite Things- Holiday Giving/Receiving Guide, Health Edition

Happy Holidays

Gift giving is actually not my love language but I do love the holidays and the idea of mindful gifting. These are some of my favorite feel-good treasures that will support you or a loved one’s health journey. The holidays are an awesome time to ask for things or give things that will help you or a loved one feel, look, age, and function your best!

Last year I gave you lots of creative ideas (and recipes) and areas to focus on, have a look!

But, since people are always asking for specifics about what I have researched and love, here is a list of some of my favorite things right now that would make an awesome health promoting wellness gift!!

  1. Dry Farm Wines– clean, toxin free, organic, low sugar wine and olive oil.   I love this wine and I can actually sleep and not get a headache when I enjoy a glass.  This olive oil I can actually drink straight, it is the best and highest quality olive oil I have ever tasted.  I actually bought it for my family last year for xmas! Get a free bottle at the link above
  2. An Oura ring.  I love this tool.  It is so simple and gives me so much information about my body and how I am responding to food, lifestyle, etc.  With this ring I effortlessly track- my sleep every night, my body temperature so I can see when I am ovulating (so easy to monitor my temperature rise with progesterone), and how I am recovering from stress and workouts with my heart rate variability and resting heart rate.  So cool and easy peasy!! Link here for more info and $50 discount
  3. Homemade Granola– Make it, jar it, wrap a bow and deliver with love.  Here is my favorite recipe.  
  4. Books- I love books. Some of my favorite health promoting books right now include- Wild Power (menstrual power), Wise Power (menopause power), Happy Mind Happy Life (brilliant and simple), Sierra Trail Runs (awesome new book about trails on the Eastern Sierra), and Nourishing Meals Cookbook (an awesome family friendly clean cookbook with delicious meals).
  5. Clean protein powder (because getting enough protein as we age is even more important).  Be Well by Kelly- My favorite clean and easily absorbed protein powder.   I use this daily in my smoothie. How much protein are you getting for breakfast? Want high protein breakfast recipes? Give a shout and I can send some your way!
  6. Water Filter- Drinking water free of toxins, heavy metals and other creepy things is one great ways you can impact your health.  This is what I have at my house and the one I have found to be the  most economical with the best water quality. Berkey Water Filter . You can find out what is in your drinking water at the Environmental Working Group website.
  7. Continuous Blood Sugar Monitor- If you know me you know I love helping people understand their own body and what is true for each person. Optimizing blood sugar has been huge for me and so many people I work with.  It can help with sports fueling, hormone balance, weight struggles, energy throughout the day, sleep, anxiety, headaches, and more.  Veri  is the company I work with that you can get a continuous blood sugar monitor and support to understand it (of course I can help too!!).  Get 20% your first month at the links above.
  8. My favorite gut microbiome 3 month protocol (link here)- I consider this a foundation of health.  This is a great way to check so many boxes and support immune health, gut health, hormone health, brain health, mood, and more.   I love helping people make efforts with the biggest long-term bang for their buck, this is my favorite one.  My entire family does this 3 months every year.  This was another xmas gift I have given to loved ones.  Read more about your microbiome here and here
  9. Lab tests– Some functional testing can be pricey, that is why I like using holidays as a chance to dig deeper and see what is going on under the hood, so to speak. 3 of my favorite insightful labs are- 1. I think everyone should get a yearly functional blood draw to check in and monitor health. 2. Stool testing is fun to dig into digestion and your microbiome, inflammation, and so much more. 3. Dried urine tests are awesome for looking at hormone health, levels, how you are detoxing them, and more.
  10. Giving to an organization– I love giving in the name of someone instead of buying random stuff. Each year my family picks a few organizations to give to.  We always try to pick a local one, one for the environment, and one for international women’s aid.   Here are some of my favorite places to give.  ACE (Action For Climate Emergency), my SIL works here so I know it is a top notch organization), The Sierra Community House (I have been delivering food for them for a year so I know and trust them), and  Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (a great old pal of mine works for them and they are doing important work for women all over the world).
  11. Clean cooking pans and food storage dishes. It’s not only what you eat but how you cook it and store it that matters. I love glass food storage containers, glass jars for liquids, ceramic dishes, and Le Creuset, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel for baking/stove top.
  12. Clean cosmetics and candles- check out Environmental Working Group for everything you need to know (I share lots of lists with this information in the Hormone Club and Spring Cleanse). The holidays are a great time to clean up your cosmetics.
  13. Plants– Indoor herb gardens are great gifts but I love plants like aloe and spider plants too.  Sprouting seeds and sprouting jars are fun also and are a powerful way to support health!! Check out my video on sprouting seeds here
  14. Herbs and herbal medicines from favorite local shops include Sierra Roots Wellness in Tahoe, CA and Rebecca’s Apothecary in Boulder, CO. There are so many fun ideas like bath salts, essential oil blends, herbal teas, fire cider, herbal tinctures, etc.
  15. Experiences- climbing gyms, concert tickets, ski days, museums, high ropes course, camps, theme parks, art classes, I love giving the gift of experiences!
  16. Movement–  I am still loving Betty Rocker  (affordable and ass kicking workouts at home), TRX straps and the app to go along (again, a great way to get strong at home), and here in Truckee I am loving Liv Studio for pilates and my daughter loves their strength class.
  17. Gear so you can get out more into the wild- Ski, climb, hike, swim, camp, run, play, anything. Headlamps, beanies, mugs, and gloves are some of my go tos.
  18. I love self care feel good treasures like bath salts, an essential oil diffuser, twinkly lights, theragun massage tool, slippers, robes, puzzles, a journal, tea pots, tea cups. Anything that makes you go “ahhhhhh”.
  19. Local organic foods. I love my CSA (community share of agriculture) from Mountain Bounty Farms. A CSA subscription makes an awesome gift! I also adore the local seasonal foods from Tahoe Food Hub here in Tahoe. Another stellar place to give a gift card to. Do you have a great local source for local, seasonal, organic foods? I would love to hear about them!
  20. And of course, you can give any of the services with me at Mountain Rebalance as a gift! That includes one on ones and groups (Women’s Hormone Club)).  I had to throw it in there:)

What is on your list this year? Have any good ideas that support health or feeling awesome? I would love to hear about them. Please share!!!

When in doubt- shop local, keep it simple and meaningful and always give loads of love.

Enjoy your holiday. For me, I choose peace and calm as much as I can, even in the chaos and pressure. One key to doing that is starting my dark days with lighting a candle, a hot cup of tea, and some quiet breathing.

I hope you feel strong and empowered and loved this holiday season. XO Janel

Janel Ferrin Anderson. FNLP, NC, DNM

I love helping people understand their body and what is going on under the hood. I help people use food, herbs, lifestyle, and nutrients to function their best.

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