A Few Of My Favorite Things- 2021

These are some of my favorite things right now that support a healthy body, heart, or soul. I do not get anything from these companies, I am just sharing some my favorite things. I would love to hear what a few of your favorite things are too! Share in the comments so we can all hear and learn from each other.

Beef Liver-( Favorite SUPERFOOD)- Beef liver is so under-rated. This is one of the most potent and nutrient dense foods you can eat. Although I do try to make it once a month, hidden in flavorful meat balls, I also take the capsules regularly to get the nutrition blast. Smidge is a really clean product and made from organic New Zealand beef liver. My clients can get it on Fullscript if you want my discount or any trustworthy source.


  1. American Grass Fed- www.americangrassfed.org
  2. Eat Wild- Getting Wild nutrition from modern food- www.eatwild.org

Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat – This flour is DELICIOUS plus gluten free, great for the soil and the earth, supports healthy immune function, is loaded with antioxidants, and is great for gut health. My favorite is the honey cake recipe and I fueled all summer with this for my long runs:) This is the pic for this blog and I can hardly look at it with out running to the kitchen to make another cake. Recipe is on the website with the buckwheat.

Seedlip- Non alcoholic herbal mixer– All the varieties are all yummy but I am obsessing over the garden one. It is super bitter and so satisfying as a beer lover. I make mine with ice and soda water, thats it! The nights I drink I usually wake up around 2am when my blood sugar crashes. The more I can replace my beer with a delicious cocktail the better.

Bite Toothpaste Bits Okay, I love these more and more everyday. They are toothpaste pellets that come in a little glass jar. They help prevent plastic waste plus make brushing fun and easy. No more creepy toothpaste all over. We all use them here.

Avocado Oil Cooking Spray Food- Primal Kitchen- Nothing fancy. I just love the ease of this. I cook mostly with bottles of oil but this spray rules when I need something quick.

Traditional Saunas– I love getting my sweat on! I dig the calming vibes and detox boost saunas provide. Now that the air is getting chilly (plus the smokey air has kept me from playing in the mountains) I have started my regular sauna sessions again. And ahhhh

Lily’s Dark Chocolate- I love dark chocolate and think we all need more of it in our lives, especially if it is over 70% cocoa. Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants. Lily’s is delicious and is even pretty darn clean.


  • Let Your Mind Run (great book about positivity and mindset by professional runner Deena Kastor),
  • Come As You Are (super liberating book about the science of female pleasure by Emily Nagoski),
  • The Awakened Family (an empowering book by Shefali Tsabary about mindfully owning who you are so you can raise resilient, calm and confident children).


  • The Doctors Farmacy (all things health and functional medicine, an oldy but goody),
  • The Moth (great real life stories told by lovely story tellers),
  • The Pheonix Helix (functional medicine and autoimmune issues),
  • Natural MD radio (Aviva Romm and women’s health),
  • Optimal Living Daily (lovely and short daily tidbits about how to make positive changes to improve your life),

Favorite lab and product developer- Microbiome Labs– I am loving this lab. They are doing so much great research into the microbiome and wellness. There has been a lack of research and studies here and this company is filling that gap. If you work with me likely you are enjoying some of these awesome products. My family uses the immune ones and the gut support ones.

Best snack to have at the office currently- Canned trout. Seriously. It is YUM. My kids even like this. It is awesome quick fat and protein.

Favorite use of the blender currently- Watermelon juice, weekly. Just chopped watermelon and water. Blend. Pour over ice, YUM!

Favorite new Costco find- Plantain chips in coconut oil (with guacamole of course! Even works on an elimination diet!)

Sounds True publishing – I love this publishing company (and my bestie happens to work there too!). These are a few of the offerings I listen to regularly

  • Body and Mind are One- THICH NHAT HANH class on Buddhism
  • Clarissa Pinkhola Estes, The Dangerous Old Woman- I love this story and she is the greatest story teller!
  • Sleep Hyponosis- DEEP SLEEP WITH MEDICAL SELF-HYPNOSIS with Steven Gurgevich. This works magic for me, especially in the middle of the night!

Road trip foods and travel foods- Summer has been loaded with road trips big and small. Some of my favorite foods to keep on hand are- canned dolmas, fresh fruit (preferably from roadside stands), Rebel protein drink chocolate (I love having this in the cooler for a post adventure snack or morning when food is not abundant), local farmers markets

Shows– I love Alone and Working Moms

Movies- Fabulous Fungi (fungi are amazing!!) and Motorcycle Diaries (remember that one? I am in love with it again)

Favorite home gadgets-

  • Smoke is a real thing out here in the West! The Air Doctor is awesome and keeps our house cozy and safe
  • Water purifier- I am loving my Berkley water purifier. Our water here in Truckee is delicious but we wanted to filter out a few more things. Did you know you can check your local water quality at EWG? Check that out too!

That is it for now. Again, I would love to hear the things you are into. Learning from each other is the best. Wishing you all health and happiness. xo Wildly, Janel

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