Foundations Of Health- Food And Lifestyle For Optimal Wellness-

Pssssst, there is no magic bullet, super food, secret herb, or fad diet that will bring health to all.

What you can do is learn to listen to what your unique body is saying.

Use food and lifestyle to reduce chronic inflammation, to support digestion, immune health, mental health, the microbiome, leaky gut, energy, weight, and more.

Are you interested in Health and learning what you can do with food and lifestyle to optimize how you feel and function and how you can age your best? THIS IS FOR YOU! We are going to have a blast.

You have access to this information for the long haul, come back to it as often as you want.

This is the information I wish I had time to go over with all my clients, along with specific action steps built in a sustainable way to turn the dial towards health and shift the internal terrain for longterm wellness, while allowing plenty of room for personalization.

Join us to add sustainable steps over 10 weeks to help your body function better. I hope you feel stronger, more energized, more clear headed and more confident.

Discover what foods work for your unique body and how to optimize how your body uses food

Get weekly accountability charts and reminders. I am here to support you!

This program contains the often overlooked but critically important foundations and action steps for you if you are looking to improve your health in any way, helping your body function better and turning the dial towards health.


It’s for you if you have want help weeding through the excess of information out there and get to the bottom of what is true for you in a clear and methodical way.

It is for you if you want support and accountability on this journey.

It is for you if you want to take an active role in your health in a methodical and informed way.

Plus- Join Janel 2 times monthly for live online office hours to ask questions and connect. First Tuesday of the month at noon (Pacific) and last Tuesday of the month at 4pm (pacific). We will have mini discussions about topics that matter to you too.

Email Janel if you have any questions about the program-

Get all the tools to do a 3-week nourishing elimination diet as part of the 10 weeks. Choose which level is best for you. This includes 3 week menu, food lists, recipes, daily checklist/accountability charts, shopping lists

Learn how to introduce foods back and track how they impact you

Discuss Functional medicine labs including bloodwork, Stool tests, Organic Acids Test, Food Sensitivity Test, Hormone Tests, and more

Learn about foundational supplements and herbs

Establish or reset important and lifelong healthy habits

Learn about various fad diets and what their benefits and risks are

Join our optional Facebook group for additional accountability and to connect to others learning alongside you

Take the front seat in your health and wellness journey

Join the inner circle and get access to live discussions on specific topics like cholesterol, the gut/brain connection, optimizing energy and mitochondria, sleeping better, pregnancy needs, fasting, microbiome, genetics, and more.


You can choose to pay 1 payment of $499 or three monthly payments of $175. Or, add it to a one-on-one package and assessment for the ultimate health package.

Format will be online and in 10 Modules you can do at your own pace and come back to when you want. There will be 20 minute videos, handouts, graphics, forms, and weekly action steps.

What’s holding you back?


The first 10 week session starts September 12th. Don’t miss this chance to improve how you feel and function.

Sign up now to get the 2021 price

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Hello. I am Janel, owner of Mountain Rebalance. I am a board certified holistic nutritionist, a certified functional medicine nutritionist, I have my doctorate in natural medicine, am a family herbalist and I started out as an Ayurvedic yoga therapist. I obsess over why. Why symptoms and disease manifest and how food and lifestyle impact how we function. I help people understand their own body and explore possible root causes of their symptoms or disease.

Learn more about Janel here

Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP NC

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