Big News! Digestion Club Starting Fall 2021 at Mountain Rebalance.

People have loved our Group Programs so much (Winter Women’s Hormone Club, Spring Cleanse, Ongoing Replenish/Rebalance) that I added a Fall Digestion Club to the mix. I am pumped and I hope you are too.

As we are learning more and more, so much of health begins in and depends on the GUT. This includes mental health, immune health, digestive health, physical health, hormone health, energy, sleep, and so much more.

This club is for anyone looking to

  • enhance their overall health and decrease pesky symptoms
  • optimize digestion and learn about how it works and what impacts it
  • learn a ton about your own unique body and what it is saying
  • use food and lifestyle as medicine
  • receive lots of new recipes and organizational tips for the kitchen
  • discover what various supplements might be helpful to improve digestion

Groups are an awesome and affordable way to get a jumpstart on health, further your health journey, connect with others, start feeling better, and learn a ton.

This will be a 6 week program with weekly live (online or in person options) group meetings with Janel to ask questions and connect. There will be educational videos to watch on your own, handouts, questionnaires, and a food/lifestyle protocol to help “clear the muddy waters” as we call it in Functional Nutrition.

You will learn a ton about digestion top to bottom, why it is important, what impacts it, and how to read your own body, all while following a food/lifestyle protocol to decrease overall inflammation, boost nutrients, and support digestion.

Digestion is one of the 3 Root Causes to address when addressing any chronic disease or pesky symptom (the other 2 roots are inflammation and genetics- we will be impacting all 3).

There will be lots more info coming soon but mark your Calendars for September/October 2021. These groups fill up fast!!

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