Women’s Hormone Club- Replenish Your Body And Learn About Balancing Hormones- Live every January

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2023 January dates coming soon

Food, Lifestyle, Herbs as medicine- For Women’s Hormone Health for women 40+

Learn about ways to Balance Your Hormones with food, herbs, lifestyle, and nutrients while replenishing And Rejuvenating Your Entire Body. Feel Your Best so you can age your best!

Calling all women 40-55’ish who want to rock this thing called aging.

Get the support, information, tools, inspiration, and accountability you need to powerfully transform your health from deep down. Together we will use food, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle to help balance hormones, reduce overall inflammation, boost health, and nourish our entire body.

Age your best!! Build resilience as you get older.

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Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to maximize your health and come away empowered! Things we do today affect our health, hormones, brain function, mood, immune system, digestion, and energy decades down the line.

We will be talking about thyroid hormones, sex hormones, blood sugar, sleep, stress hormones, energy and more.

These changes will impact sleep, skin issues, libido, energy levels, headaches, immune problems, anxiety, depression, pms symptoms, moodiness, menopause symptoms, sore breasts, digestive problems, weight problems, heavy periods, joint pain, and more!

Janel offers an incredibly unique and rich angle as a board certified holistic nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, a Doctor of natural medicine, certified therapeutic supplement practitioner, an Ayurvedic yoga therapist, Family Herbalist, and someone who has worked with women specifically for decades.

There is endless information out there and it can feel overwhelming to know what the best approach for YOU is. Let me help by teaching you how to listen to YOUR OWN BODY.

Join the Hormone Club and learn how to start feeling your best. Sign up here

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The Plan-

You will have all the information and course content online to watch and review on your own (you have this for the full year). We will meet 6 times online together to connect, ask questions, and learn. We will use food/lifestyle/herbs/supplements to nourish our body and balance our hormones. (choose your level of participation and the depth you want to go).

Receive your materials on January 2nd to plan and organize. Meet each Sunday evening at 7pm PT for 6 weeks online (or in person depending on the year). Ask questions and learn about how our environment and food impacts how we function and how we age. Gain empowering ways to think into your own health so you can take charge for decades to come. Connect with other women empowered to make changes and optimize their health. Learn about Root Cause and Functional approach to wellness. Get recipes, be inspired and connect with others.

We will use herbs, supplements, food, and lifestyle to reboot and replenish our body while focusing on an anti inflammatory and nourishing diet.

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Blood sugar, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, neurotransmitters, and more. No fads here, just the physiology and how you can impact it.

Learn how to get various optional labs of your choice to help see ‘what’s going on in there’ including serum (blood) labs and hormone (salivary and urine) labs and more.

Join us and invest in YOU!

My goal is to empower you to understand your body and to support you with all the information and tools you need. This is NOT a cookie cutter program but instead a unique opportunity to learn why and how, not just what to do. You also have unique access to Janel for personal questions and navigating.

All of this for $299 – Early bird price $280 (sign up before December 10th). You can also split the price into 2 payments of $140 if that is better for you.

Space is limited so we can keep the group intimate and you can get your questions answered. This group has filled every winter so sign up early!!!

Check out what women are saying about working with janel in her groups and one on one.

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  • Watch a 20 minute class on your own anytime during the week,
  • meet each Sunday at 7pm to connect, question, and learn.
  • Get small action steps each week to incorporate into your normal routine to build towards optimal health.
  • Together we will do a 3 week anti-inflammatory food and lifestyle protocol to support hormones.

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2022 dates-

  • January 2nd- Get info and start getting familiar with platform (NO MEETING THIS DAY).
  • January 9th- First Live Class. The roadmap to balancing hormones, Hormone Hierarchy and how they interact with one another
  • Jan 16th- Blood sugar, energy, sleep
  • Jan 23rd- Thyroid (metabolism), adrenals (stress/cortisol)
  • Jan 30th- Sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)
  • Feb 6th Sex hormones, cycles, menopause/perimenopause
  • Feb 13th- Celebrate and reflect, Moving forward with Food As Medicine

Feel free to email Janel for more information and to get on the list to stay informed – janel@mountainrebalance.com

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Learn more about Janel here and her unique perspective on health and wellness

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What women love about The Women’s Hormone Club-

  • “Having the recipes and the tools to be organized was a game changer!”
  • “Awesome information, supporting vibe, sharing of ideas , menus etc”
  • “Learning all of the insider tips (and science/health stuff) from Janel, the collective power of a group of women sharing ideas, doing the 3-week protocol!
  • “The knowledge & wisdom. The printable documents. The videos.”
  • “The depth of knowledge and details I could learn, delicious recipes, support group to keep me accountable! I love all the supplemental videos too!”
  • “Clear info, answered questions, hearing other people’s experiences and questions”
  • “Online format and recordings were great. Good information and perspective. Great format to give us info ahead of time to review.”


What Women are saying about Mountain Rebalance’s Women’s Hormone Club-

“This is my 2nd group program with Janel and I’m astounded by the amount of information she provides us. It is so interesting to have the science to explain why we are doing the things that we are doing….it makes it much more motivating. Janel is passionate and supportive of you “being curious” and figuring out what works for YOU!” – K P 2021

“Janel’s hormone club gave me a clear path to start building more understanding about my health and hormones since turning 40. It’s like an awesome girlfriends group where you get deep knowledge and background about what’s happening with hormones, but then also all of the really practical stuff you need to know in order to do something about keeping things balanced. Janel provides so many tips, suggestions, and ideas (in additional to all of the science and technical stuff) that I came away feeling really empowered to continue on this path of health and self discovery – to really craft balance and health that works for me. The power of the group is also huge in maintaining the food protocol for 3 weeks – and it doesn’t hurt to be cooking from really great recipes and sharing ideas with the other participants too!” -S D 2021

“This class was great!! I have been looking for a lot of this info and with Janel’s help I was able to get better control on my health. She was able to update my supplements, teach me about blood sugar, put me on a better track with my nutrition plus gave me a whole new knowledge of my hormones and why I feel the way I do. Thank you Janel!! I am grateful for all knowledge you have given us this last 6 weeks.” 2021 participant


Hormone Club Alumni- Sign up and pay only $99 for the updated content and group Q&As OR get a friend to sign up and pay only $25

Sign up for the 2022 women’s hormone club before if fills!

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The First Women’s Hormone Club 2020. That first year we were just in person and it was one of these ladies that named our group The Hormone Club! Thanks EV. A lot has changed since then. Join the club of empowered women!


Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

I obsess with helping women understand their body better. When we understand the physiology of our unique body we understand how much control we do have over how we feel and function. I teach the science behind how food, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, our mindset, genes, movement, and environment impact our body and how we can use them to feel and age out best. Getting the science, the community support, and methodical action steps is a powerful way to make change in your body.

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