NEW HORMONE ALUMNI OFFERING- Hormone Club Year Long Membership

In response to several requests, I am excited to announce that I am adding a year long monthly tune up community for Hormone Club Alumni.

We will meet together monthly, on the second THURSDAY of the month at 9am (in Truckee) and 6pm (virtual) pacific time. Recordings will be made available. This is going to RULE.

Hormone Club Alumni only, please (meaning, you have taken The 6 week Hormone Club in the past).

Why join the alumni year long Hormone Club?

  • Stay connected with like minded women going through Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Stay connected with Janel throughout the year and bring any health questions to our meetings
  • Gain access to updated Hormone Club course content
  • Get email reminders about ways to optimize hormone changes in Peri/Menopause (tips, tricks, remedies, herbs, foods, recipes, supplements, etc)
  • Make sustainable changes throughout the year and hold each other accountable
  • Dig deeper into how hormones are changing and where you are at in the process. Share stories and experiences, learn from each other
  • Be supported and held accountable all year as you peel back layers of your hormone health onion
  • Have time for individual coaching and problem solving, ask all those questions you have
  • Dig deeper into sleep, energy, mood, gut health, weight, etc
  • Learn tricks and tips from each other that work
  • Add small habits all year that are effective at improving health
  • Have the time and space to try things and discuss
  • An affordable way to work on health
  • Share successes and challenges
  • Dig into specific labs
  • Unravel the emotions and energies attached to Menopause
  • Message each other during the month to stay accountable, tackle new goals, share insights ,etc
  • Be part of the inner circle!!
  • Make changes to feel your best that last
  • book recommendations, podcast recommendations- discuss any of these
  • NEW- new recipe/menu planning software available to make things easier in the kitchen!! This is incredibly valuable on its own. Instant access to creating meal plans, recipes, and shopping list. So easy. So yummy. So helpful.

Space will be limited

Sample monthly meetup- Start class by sharing where we are with our cycle or menopause journey, share struggles, share victories, discuss topics such as mood, libido, gut health, joint pain, sleep, labs, energy, spend time working through individual situations/cases/symptoms, discuss podcasts, etc.

In between classes stay connected via message board about- favorite products, books, podcasts, struggles, victories, remedies, accountability, menus, recipes, elixirs, supplements, etc

Hope to see you there! This community will be an awesome way to continue to work towards greater health and function in an affordable way

As always, reach out with questions. Email me

Haven’t done the Hormone Club yet? Check that out here and sign up for next winter!!

xoxo Janel

Sign Up Now For Year Long

$39/month for 10 months, charged monthly


  • Thursday March 14th
  • Thursday April 11th
  • Thursday May 9th
  • Thursday June 13th
  • Monday July 8th**** note day change
  • Thursday August 8th
  • Thursday September 12th
  • Thursday October 10th
  • Thursday November 14th
  • Thursday December 12th

Interested in meeting in person on Thursdays at 9am? Let me know! We can do that if we get enough people interested. Sign up and you can do either the noon in person or 6pm online

Can’t make a session? No worries. Recordings will be available to our small and intimate group and we will stay connected on the message board.

As always, Alumni can also choose sign up for the Full 6 week Hormone Club in January at the Alumni discounted rate of 50% off!! Promo Code HormoneAlumni50%. (**Only for women who have already done the Hormone Club once before). Or do the entire year!

Do I Need A Test To Know If I Am In Perimenopause?

First off, what is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is when women’s hormones start to change around our 40s as we approach Menopause. For some women this is just a couple of years and for others it can last many years. The primary hormones that change are Estrogen and Progesterone (but many others are impacted). Some women don’t have many symptoms during this time but most do. It can feel like you are losing your mind when you don’t understand what is going on. Symptoms range from insomnia, to anxiety, to heavy bleeding, to short cycles, to weight gain, and more. Hormone changes start off slowly and increase in intensity as you move towards menopause. For many women, this is the more turbulent time.

What most people do not understand about Perimenopause and Menopause is

  1. Hormones in Perimenopause and into Menopause typically change in a methodical order. Progesterone dropping first, followed by estrogen fluctuating up and down erratically for a period of time, then estrogen dropping. Each scenario comes with unique symptoms. When we understand the order and what is happening we can better find the right tool to help (and feel less crazy!).
  2. There is a lot we can do to minimize and mitigate these symptoms and improve how we feel and age.

So, do I need a test to confirm I am in Perimenopause?

In a nutshell, no. If you are in your 40s or 50s and start to feel things change, while still cycling (aka getting your period) you can assume you are in Perimenopause (after of course you rule out other more serious issues with your provider). There is no test needed to confirm Perimenopause itself. Some people test for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) but this is fluctuating wildly during this time and most practitioners do not value this marker unless you are looking to see if you are in Menopause itself.

Some women enjoy looking at A Dutch Test to dig into cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, hormone metabolites, melatonin, testosterone, and more. This can be helpful to get an idea how your adrenals are functioning, how you are metabolizing estrogen (phase 1 and phase 2 detox), to monitor if you are doing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, to see how much progesterone and estrogen you are producing, to check in on testosterone, and learn how best to impact your hormones. But there is a ton you can do before this and it is not necessary just to confirm Perimenopause. (find more on other midlife lab tests here)

What can I do to improve how I feel in Perimenopause?

There is a lot we can do to improve how we move through Perimenopause and then Menopause (and don’t wait for symptoms, these tricks work best over time). First off, we want to work on ovulating as long as we can to keep progesterone flowing while it can. This might include getting specific nutrients, improving digestion, reducing stress, or more. Then we want to take clear steps to keep our body functioning best and replenished so when hormones do change we ease through as best we can. This could include reducing chronic inflammation, getting certain nutrients, becoming metabolically flexible, etc. We also want to work on all the systems that impact our hormones including detoxification, our microbiome, digestion, toxins, and our nervous system. Then we can use herbs and foods or medications to ease symptoms as they come. And finally, it is also incredibly powerful to spend time leaning into the energy of midlife and how we want our wiser years to feel and look, because this can be an incredible and powerful transition.

So why did I use the picture I did for this post?

When my pal and I were out on the trail recently, not quite in fall, not quite in winter, struggling along the way as we cycled, it reminded me exactly of Perimenopause. Perimenopause is not quite our prime reproductive years, nor are we in our wise years yet, it is the often tumultuous time in between phases, while we still cycle and often struggle. This day on my bike was exactly that! These are the things that run through my mind on the trail:) And let’s be honest, these are the things we love to talk about together.

Are you feeling any changes in your 40s and 50s? What are you doing to improve how you transition? I would love to hear about it!!

The Women’s Hormone Club is 6 weeks every Jan/Feb (changing to 8 weeks!!). Join the fun and feel your best. We will dig into everything you need to know and do to ensure your perimenopause and menopause are smooth and empowering.

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

It is my mission to help people understand their body better, how it works, how it changes, how it is impacted by our world and how we can improve symptoms and function while preventing future health issues. I use science, education, food, lifestyle, herbs, and nutrients, to shift the body towards better function. I focus on midlife mountain women but am happy to work with anyone who wants to take charge of their health.

The Women’s Hormone CLub
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5 Steps To ROCK Midlife Hormones And Emerge After Menopause As The Greatest Version Of YOU

The truth is, midlife hormone changes are intense.

These changes start around 40 and often last many years, up until things settle into a new norm after menopause.

The journey to and through Menopause can shake us at our core- physically and emotionally.

We are all going to go through it but how that happens and how we emerge on the other side is largely up to us.

Some women have been dealing with challenges each month as hormones change throughout the cycle, while some women have been moving through the monthly cycle with ease until perimenopause. Regardless, when our hormones go through midlife changes as we near Menopause, most of us get pretty rocked- mind, body, spirit or all.

But here is the thing, it doesn’t have to suck. However there is not one herb or medicine that is the magic ticket.

For most of us, hormones start changing sometime around 35-40 years old. Often the changes start off slowly, where we are hardly aware, then as time continues our hormone changes increase and more symptoms may show up (and more frustration and confusion as we can hardly recognize ourselves and feel like we are losing our minds).

We aren’t taught that this change happens in a methodical and predictable order, even though it does not feel like it. Although the timing and speed varies, the order of hormone change is often consistent. Understanding this order can keep us from feeling like we are losing our minds, give us effective tools to relieve symptoms, and help us feel comfortable leaning into the energetics of this big life change so we emerge as the best version of ourselves.

Again, our hormones impact every part of us. There is not a cell in our body that does not feel the change at midlife and our body/mind has to recalibrate: Our immune system, brain, muscles, bones, skin, drive, libido, relationships, mood, sleep, and even susceptibility to future health issues. They are all impacted.

I love doctors, I am married to one, but the medical system does not have many tools to help during this phase (nor do they really even understand it!). Most often women are prescribed the pill, an antidepressant, or more recently weight loss drugs to mitigate midlife symptoms. And yes there is a place for meds, but that is not the only answer and there is a lot you can do to impact how you transition in midlife that supports your entire body to age healthy and strong.

So what do we do if we want to feel healthy, strong, empowered, and ROCK this phase of life? Here are my 5 steps you need to address to crush midlife and beyond. Any one of them will support your journey (and we work on all of them together at The Women’s Hormone Club).

1.Learn about what hormones change and when.

This is INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING. As different hormones change different symptoms might emerge and different tools work at various stages. In a small nut shell- Typically it is progesterone that is the first hormone to become irregular and eventually drop low. With this we might feel new anxiety, lose precious sleep, have shorter cycles or mid cycle spotting. Next Estrogen goes haywire. It can go sky high and then plumet to a new low and repeat that at an unpredictable pace for a while. That is the time symptoms can be all over the place as we might suffer from low estrogen and high estrogen month to month. Cycles might start getting longer during this time and bleeding may become heavy. Finally estrogen hits a new low and stays low. That is when women often experience midsection weight gain, longer cycles or skipped cycles, hot flashes, etc. Eventually things settle to the new norm hormonally and how your body is functioning impacts how this goes and how you feel. Do you know where you are in the process?

2. Use nutrition and lifestyle to improve how your body functions and how you feel during this time. Address the ‘terrain”

We are not victims to our hormones and there is actually a lot we can do to impact our hormone symptoms, this is true for our monthly cycle as well as bigger hormone shifts like Perimenopause and Menopause. By giving our body what it needs to make, process, receive, metabolize and clear out our hormones many people find huge relief and reduced symptoms. There are simple and clear steps that improve how we feel including working on our microbiome, supporting detoxification, reducing chronic inflammation, supporting our hpa axis (stress), optimizing blood sugar, reducing toxins that disrupt hormones, restoring circadian rhythm, tuning up digestion, addressing any nutrient deficiencies, and getting proper nutrition from food to make happy hormones and our body. Any one of these will help. Start small. More protein? Morning light? Bone broth? Enough magnesium? What one thing do?

3. Add tricks and tools to mitigate and reduce hormone symptoms.

Our hormones are going to change, there is no stopping that process. However, we don’t want to feel awful as that happens. Working on the steps above helps relieve a lot of distress but we still might need support as the various hormones change (I did!). So, as needed, there are effective tricks for mitigating symptoms that arise as each of our hormones fluctuate and eventually drop. We can use nutrients, herbs, acupuncture, breathwork, meditation, amino acids, hormone replacement therapy, or other tools to ease our transition. But no one tool works for every phase. That is why understanding what is happening is magic! It makes you the expert of your body.

4. Tap into what is calling your soul for the second part of life.

There is more than just the physical part of menopause when in comes to change. There is a spiritual component that when we give ourselves the time and space to lean into, we have the ability to step into the best version of ourselves yet for our next season of life. It is an empowering time to consider how we want to live the second half of our lives. Now that our people pleasing hormones have done their work, who are we? What calls to our heart and soul? How do we want to emerge after Menopause? This is a step that we can easily be overlook but it is an opportunity for an incredible and meaningful life upgrade as we step into our wise years. Have you spent time here? It requires some quiet and mindfulness and yes, you have time.

5. Connect with community.

Why do we all navigate this on our own? It can be isolating and frustrating. I believe in the power of coming together, sharing, connecting, and supporting one another. Joining or creating a group of women to share openly with is uplifting, validating, and can improve our menopause journey.

It is never too early or too late to start addressing these 5 steps. And the cool thing is any one of these you choose to focus on will support your body, brain, and soul for decades. Pick one small thing and jump in. Or join me at The Women’s Hormone Club and get support.

What has your journey been like so far in midlife? I would love to hear about it.

VIDEO- But there is so much you can do to ROCK it

Janel Anderson NC FNLP DNM

It is my mission to help people understand their body better, how it works, how it changes, how it is impacted by our world and how we can improve symptoms and function while preventing future health issues. I use science, education, food, lifestyle, herbs, and nutrients, to shift the body towards better function. I focus on midlife mountain women but am happy to work with anyone. Learn more about me here
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Functional Lab Testing For Midlife Health- Is It Worth The Cost?

The information that we can learn from functional lab testing is incredible, but the price tag can also be a lot. What do we do when we want to reduce symptoms and feel our best but not go broke in the process?

First off, what is functional lab testing?

Functional lab testing helps us see exactly what is going on in the body, or “check under the hood” so to speak. They help us get curious around what might be driving symptoms (root cause), even if there is not a disease to diagnose. We look for optimal values, not just diseased states that require medical intervention. We use these results to support the a person and their body to function better so symptoms resolve, health goals are met, and balance is restored for health today and health in the future (even reducing risk of diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc). Often people go to these when everything appears normal with their physician but they know something is off, or if they want to address the ROOT CAUSE of their symptoms. They can involve blood, urine, saliva, poop, hair, or interstitial fluids.

In my opinion these labs can be incredibly valuable but most often are not the first step and are often over used at the expense of patients/clients. Yes, there is a lot of value to the information but some basic cleanup to support digestion and reduce inflammation first can relieve a lot of symptoms and can help us see what Labs will be most helpful.

I encourage the people I work with to establish a few foundations before (or along side) specialty labs. These foundations include-

Working on the foundations create the environment for health to take root. It then becomes more clear what labs might be most beneficial, if they are even still needed at all.

There are endless Functional Labs these days but the ones I find most helpful and use most often include-

  • Functional blood work (blood)- There is a lot of valuable information here when you look beyond standard values and biomarkers that your physician runs and when you understand how the values relate to one another and body systems. This is my favorite place to start. Functionally we look at a narrow value range to see where slight imbalances might be driving dysfunction and preventing healing. We also look at biomarkers that tell us about inflammation, how our body is using nutrients, genetic factors, antibody values, and more. There is a lot we can do to turn the dial towards health when we review labs through a functional lens. This is a relatively affordable way to track and monitor body systems over time. (new package available offering this and a consult)
  • Dutch Hormone Test (saliva and urine)- This lab is incredible for seeing what is going on with many hormones and systems including- stress throughout the day (cortisol and DHEA), ovarian hormones and how we are metabolizing hormones (estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and all the symptoms that might arise when these are off), sleep (melatonin and cortisol), and even some neurotransmitters, etc. (If you are planning to use bioidentical hormone, bHRT, I definitely recommend this lab first). This is also great if you are looking to prevent breast cancer or find greater hormone balance to relieve any symptom. This is an incredibly helpful and actionable lab that gives us a ton of information.
  • Vibrant gut health test (poop)- I love this lab to see how digestion is functioning (enzymes, bile, stomach acid- how food is breaking down), if there are any microbiome imbalances (this can impact so much including cravings, headaches, weight gain, mood issues, hormones, energy, and more), how is gut inflammation (again, this can impact every part of our body), gut immune activation (food sensitivities, infections, parasites, etc), leaky gut (the integrity of the barrier function of the small intestine which plays a role in so many chronic symptoms and drives inflammation), etc. Even if we are eating a wonderful diet of whole foods, if there are gut imbalances, we will likely struggle to reach health goals.
  • Nutrient Panel (blood)-We can look at current nutrient levels as well as genetics that might influence how we utilize certain nutrients. We can look at vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc. Often times there are gaps that we need to fill to reach our health goals. This is an in incredible way to understand exactly what your unique body might need.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor (interstitial fluids)- This is definitely another favorite, especially for women as our hormones change in perimenopause/menopause. This tells us exactly how we are responding to stress, foods, sleep, movement, etc all day and night. We can see how the changes we are making impact our metabolism and is one of the greatest ways to find motivation to make change.
  • Other labs with great value- Organic Acids Test, Heavy Metals, Mold Testing, Food Sensitivities, Allergy Tests, Genetic testing

I recommend not making the mistake of running a ton of expensive labs before you work on the foundations. I have so many clients that come to me with thousands of dollars in fancy lab work but who still are not sleeping well, pooping everyday, getting enough protein, digesting their food well, or understanding their body and how it works/changes, etc.

In midlife, with so much changing with hormones, and those changes impacting every single part of our life and body, often women are interested in running labs to see what is going on. Again, they can be helpful but most helpful is first learning exactly how hormones change, what is normal, what is not normal, how to impact them, and how to make changes to food, lifestyle, nutrients, herbs, etc to support each of the stages of hormonal changes in midlife (we do all of this in the Hormone Club).

Women are often surprised to learn how many years hormones change before menopause and how there is a methodical process to it all. When we understand the process it is empowering. It is often surprising to learn how much these changes impact including- sleep, mood, weight, cravings, energy, drive, motivation, relationships, endurance, immune function, skin, libido, and more. It is also often surprising how much we can impact this process and how we feel.

Have you had any functional lab work done? Was it helpful? Explained well? Are you interested in any? Have you addressed the Foundations first?

So are they worth it? I would say Yes, but…

Yes Functional Lab Test can give us incredible insight but you want to make sure you work with someone who can explain them clearly, give you solid action steps to turn the dial towards health, that you address the foundations first, and learn about the hormone changes that happen in midlife.

Join me in The Hormone Club if you are a women 40+ who wants to understand her body better, how it is changing, and how to impact symptoms and health in midlife. 6 week course, recorded lessons, 3 week cleanse, live group meetings, optional lab work available.

Join me in the Spring Cleanse if you want to learn about detoxification, how to support the liver, get recorded lessons, 4 live group meetings, and a 1 week nourishing spring cleanse.

Join me for The Fall Energy and Metabolism club to dig into all things metabolism and energy related. Opportunity to use an optional CGM (continuous glucose monitor).

Lookout for new and affordable health bundles coming soon from Mountain Rebalance!

Janel Ferrin Anderson FNLP, NC, DNM

It is my mission to help people understand their body better, how it works, how it changes, how it is impacted by our world and how we can improve symptoms and function while preventing future health issues. I use science, education, food, lifestyle, herbs, and nutrients, to shift the body towards better function. I focus on midlife mountain women but am happy to work with anyone.


Mini Course- Functional Foundations Bundle- Gain instant lifetime access after you purchase this package

8 Things I learned Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor Plus A Bonus Quiz To See How Glucose Is Impacting You

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

As a fit and health savvy woman in my mid 40s I was really surprised how big of an impact blood glucose had on my body and how I felt and what a big impact I could make with this information.

Wearing a continuous blood sugar monitor has been a powerful way to connect with my body in a new way, to connect the dots between how I feel and what is going on inside, and to actually improve how I feel on a day to day basis (and the science tells me I am also preventing future degenerative diseases too, sweet). Wearing a CGM, as they are called, provided me with some concrete action steps and areas to focus on, especially at a time when my hormones are changing and my body is reacting to glucose/carbs differently.

Here is a list of symptoms that can be a result of dysregulated glucose according to the research and work of Dr. Mark Hyman and Biochemist Jessie Inchauspe- cravings, fatigue, brain fog, infertility, acne, wrinkles, insomnia, hot flashes, pms, anxiety and depression, headaches, stubborn weight gain, early cellular damage and aging from chronic inflammation, oxidation, and glycation.

Although these might not be a not a disease state, they absolutely suck. And there is so much we can do to reduce these symptoms that we consider ‘normal’. I want optimal health, not just what is considered ‘normal’. Focusing on glucose is one powerful way to impact so many symptoms and how our cells age.

First off, a few basics. Our blood sugar, or amount of glucose in our blood, is meant to rise and fall throughout the day. We do not want big spikes in our blood sugar, we want happy hills. We also do not want our blood sugar elevated for extended periods of time. Both of these can cause many symptoms as well as long term damage to cells. Both of these can be off despite eating well and basic blood work looking okay. The misconception is that unless you have diabetes or prediabetes this does not impact you. This could not be farther from the truth. This is one of the most misunderstood areas of health that I have seen. Plus, as estrogen changes for women in Perimenopause, our relationship to glucose and carbohydrates changes.

In my experience personally and with working with hundreds of women clinically, optimizing blood glucose is one major way to improve day to day health for all of us, especially women as our estrogen levels change. It is a powerful way to resolve multiple symptoms that seem unrelated AND prevent future health issues. Just because your bloodwork is ‘normal’ it does not tell you anything about glucose highs and lows during the day and night. Having optimal glucose can change a lot.

A cgm is a continuous glucose monitor. It attaches to your arm (no, it does not hurt) and it tells you how you are responding to food and stress all day and night. You read the data on your phone. You can instantly see how your choices impact your biochemistry.

Here are some of the big things I learned by wearing a CGM.

If you would rather skip that information, feel free to jump to the bottom and take the quiz to see if blood sugar ups and downs might be impacting your health and how you function.

#1. Stress was causing huge spikes in my blood glucose despite how I ate or moved my body.

This one blew my mind. No matter what I ate or how I moved my body when certain stressors came up my blood sugar would spike higher than it had all day and then drop low (what goes up, must come crashing down). Wow. These emotional stressors were often based around work or parenting. The incredible thing was how I was able to change this and pretty quickly. By monitoring with a CGM I could see what worked and what didn’t. I already had a regular mindfulness practice but I really worked hard at taking mindful breaks, noticing how the stress felt in my body so I could take action, and then taking action steps to reduce my stress response. The cool thing, it worked! Although this took several steps, 2 of my favorite and most effective in the moment stress reducers are 1. Heart Math and 2. Playing ‘Right Now’ (if you have worked with me you likely know/use both of them).

#2. My afternoon bonks, usually around 3pm, were all about my blood glucose

When I first started using the CGM I could see how my typical glucose bonks in the afternoon were exactly when I had a hard time working, felt fatigued, I also craved sugar, or a beer at that time to pick me up. The crazy thing was how this changed after a few months of mindfully working on my metabolic flexibility. Now, I can typically go from lunch to dinner feeling pretty balanced and without noticing any dips. If I want a treat or a beer I can choose that for pleasure instead of needing it for a pick me up!

#3. My hot flashes and insomnia were all about my blood glucose

When my blood sugar was dysregulated during the day, meaning more ups and downs than optimal or when it was elevated for a large part of the day from snacking or stress, my blood sugar was all over the place at night too!! The ups and downs during the night were directly linked to my insomnia and to my hot flashes at night!! This was another ‘ah ha’ moment for me and fun to watch change. No more hot flashes for me.

#4. Burning fat and losing my new midsection weight was NOT about working out more, instead it was about becoming metabolically flexible and optimizing my glucose curve

As an active mountain athlete it was weird when I started getting a little thicker around my midsection, especially while I had increased training for an ultra marathon. It didn’t seem to matter how much I worked out, my mid section was getting thicker. I am by no way saying we should all look the same way we did in our 20s but something was definitely changing. The wild thing was after working with my glucose and metabolic flexibility I found that I lost my midsection weight by actually doing less and instead by lowering my glucose curve. Science is so cool and our metabolism is incredible. For me reducing stress and increasing metabolic flexibility (aka burning fat) was key.

#5. My anxiety and sleepiness were often a blood sugar high or low

Being able to check my blood glucose when I was feeling anxious or sleepy was powerful way to connect the dots. Turned out most of the time I was anxious or overcome with the need to nap during the day, my blood sugar was either spiking high or had dropped very low both from dysregulated glucose over time. Especially with my hormones changing my sensitivity to glucose in my 40s, and with both of these symptoms becoming worse recently due to this, this was an incredibly empowering connection to make. Both of these symptoms have improved with better metabolic flexibility and when they do occur I know exactly what I need to do.

#6. Salty processed foods like chips and corn nuts and corn chips spiked my glucose way more than I thought. I was better off with a snickers!

I learned a lot about what foods specifically helped and what foods hurt my glucose curve. This can be different for everyone. Some were obvious, like drinking alcohol on an empty stomach and pancakes for breakfast. But often some foods surprised me, like choosing corn nuts as a treat instead of candy after a day skiing and seeing my glucose spike 100 points (keeping spikes under 30 or 40 is optimal). I was also shocked at how the order that I ate food made such a big difference in how high by glucose spiked. So cool.

#7. Lunch was really important for me to get dialed

When I first started out on this I was not great about lunch. It was the hardest meal of the day for me to get dialed. On days that I did not do a good job with lunch, my entire afternoon and evening was disrupted with symptoms already mentioned. Now, after months on this, lunch is much easier for me as I see how important it is. But the coolest thing is with more metabolic flexibility now I am able to coast through on days I am not as organized. This is one of the incredible things about optimizing glucose- You feel better day to day but it also snowballs to improve your resilience in the long term.

#8. Athletically, using a CGM allowed me a deeper understanding of when I could run fasted, when I needed to fuel up, how different workouts stressed out my body in different ways, how different choices caused spikes to high even for athletes, and when I could cruise in zone 2 burning fat.

For any athletes out there, using a CGM is great fun and an incredible way to see exactly what is going on in your body. I was not shocked to see how some of my trail food was spiking my glucose but seeing it really helped me make better choices. This was not my primary focus but it remains an insightful way to optimize how my body is functioning in both the short term (aka on a run) and the long term (spikes from endurance food can do long term damage to cells and puts you on a glucose rollercoaster).

My big takeaways for me…..Knowing exactly what is going on in my body rules. There are small and easy action steps to dramatically impact glucose, that help with metabolic flexibility and can reduce so many symptoms while helping my cells stay younger, longer. These are much easier to implement when I can see exactly how they are impacting my body. Optimizing my glucose has had a huge role in reducing so many of my personal symptoms and so many of the symptoms of the people I get to work with.

I honestly learned a ton more but these were some big ones. These are lessons and tricks I will carry forward which I hope will be many and healthy. Please reach out with any questions or share what you have learned from using a CGM. Or better yet, join in October to dig in!

Take this quiz to see if glucose could be impacting your health and symptoms-

  1. Are you a female over 45? (estrogen changes change the way we tolerate glucose/carbs)
  2. Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back to sleep?
  3. Do you ever get tired after a meal, where you want to take a nap?
  4. Do you regularly bonk around 3-4pm?
  5. Do you have a hard time going 5 hours between eating a meal or snack? Meaning, you stay full for less than 5 hours?
  6. Are you finding it hard to lose new weight around your midsection?
  7. Do you get hangry?
  8. Do you get headaches or jittery when you skip a meal?
  9. Do you eat processed foods or refined grains like pasta, cereal, muffins, breads, chips, etc? Or sugary drinks like chai, kombucha, juices, or smoothies?
  10. Do you drink alcohol or other sugary drinks on an empty stomach?
  11. Are you often hungry all day?
  12. Do you eat small meals, or snacks, or drink beverages other than water or herbal tea all day?
  13. Do you eat a sweet breakfast like oats, smoothies, cereal, baked goods, granola, or fat free yogurt?
  14. Are you a woman with signs of excess testosterone? Such as hair on the back/face/chest, acne or oily skin, fertility problems, PCOS, thinning or balding hair on your head.
  15. Do you have small pieces of excess skin on the neck or armpits (skin tags)?
  16. Do you have any family members that have blood sugar challenges?
  17. Do experience anxiety during the day?
  18. Do you experience brain fog?
  19. Are you an athlete that relies on carbs or sugary foods for fuel?
  20. Do you currently have prediabetes, diabetes, gestational diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease?
  21. Do you want to avoid diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s?
  22. Is your A1C over 5.4% Or is your fasting blood sugar over 100? Or triglycerides over 80mg/dl? (functional levels for optimal health vs western disease focused levels)

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these you could likely benefit from optimizing your glucose curve. Most of us can!

A continuous glucose monitor is NOT essential for improving your response to glucose, it just helps. Wearing a CGM is an option at my new Fall Group Class Offering all about energy, glucose, and metabolic flexibility.

Optimizing glucose is one part of The Women’s Hormone Club. It is one of about 8 key steps to help ease through Perimenopause and Menopause with as few symptoms as possible. These two groups go together or can be taken separately. I teach both of them because it is my mission to help people understand their body better, how it changes, and how to impact health from a grassroots approach. Doing that in a group setting is the greatest bang for your buck plus coming together with community is powerful. Are you joining either group? I hope so!

Check out some testimonials of other women who have used CGMs or learn more about the class

Sign up for The Energy Club now. Class starts October 1st.

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC, DNM, FNLP

Janel is obsessed with helping people understand their body better and taking steps to feel and age their best. She has relentlessly studied the science of how food and lifestyle impact health and believes in filling this missing gap in healthcare. When we take a root cause approach we can impact all of our body systems today and for the long haul. Evey January! Online and In Person Options (Truckee/Tahoe CA)

Learn more about the Spring Cleanse Here

Mini Course- Functional Foundations Bundle- Gain instant lifetime access after you purchase this package

The Energy Club- Metabolic Flexibility and Balanced Blood Sugar- The root of day to day and long term health

An virtual course designed for savvy folks who want to feel, look, and age their best and who want to truly understand their body.

Get the tools you need to understand your metabolism and how energy is made so you can feel and function your best.

Optimal blood sugar is one of the main drivers of both longterm health and how we feel day to day. It is one part of the Hormone Club but such an important one at midlife that I made a mini course just to help people get this one dialed.

Join for the live classes or get the recordings and go at your own pace. Course starts October 2nd 2023

Metabolic Flexibility and balanced blood sugar are the foundation of-

  • Quality restful sleep
  • Balanced energy (no bonks)
  • Healthy body composition (anyone’s middle section getting thicker in mid life?)
  • Fewer pms symptoms, perimenopause and menopause symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, etc
  • Improved physical endurance
  • Fewer cravings
  • Balanced mood and less anxiety/depression
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and other diseases associated with aging
  • Reducing inflammation, oxidative damage, and glycation (all associated with early aging).
  • Improving immune function
  • Reference- Inchauspe, Jessie. Glucose Revolution. Short Books. 2022. New York, NY

“Learning about blood sugar and using a CGM opened up a whole new world of health for me; one that has made a huge impact on my health and even on my journey of improving my hypothyroidism. I had no idea how important blood sugar and metabolic health is for all people, and I can’t recommend Janel’s guidance around this subject enough! This info is useful to everyone no matter your current health or situation. ” -S. Douglas from Colorado 2022

As we get older our body responds to foods and stressors differently. No gimmicks, just physiology and tangible tools so you know exactly how to move forward to boost metabolic health and energy.

We don’t need to deprive ourselves!! We just need to learn how to stoke our metabolic fire and burn slow long lasting energy all day.

Learn how this works and what you can do to minimize symptoms, optimize hormones, and feel your best.

What you will get with this online course-

  • a list of clear steps to take to optimize metabolism and blood sugar
  • 4 live classes (will be recorded) where you will get to ask questions and dig in to topics that interest you
  • 8 video lessons about metabolism, glucose, energy, sleep, aging, intermittent fasting, cravings, movement, and more
  • Bonus videos- creating habits, causes of anxiety, hierarchy of hormones, disrupting a relationship with alcohol, daily breath work practices
  • a weekly menu planner with meals to boost your metabolism and optimize glucose levels
  • a beautiful recipe book to download
  • bonus handouts on sweeteners, mitochondria, supplements and more
  • a community of like minded individuals to connect with and share stories
  • opportunity to add a continuous glucose monitor and support with learning the best ways to use it (order this right away if you want to add this)

Jump right in or add the CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITOR to support your journey and see exactly how your body is responding to foods and lifestyle. Track your progress. I will be there to support this process for you and walk you through what we are looking for (more below). See what I learned wearing a cgm here

Can’t make it live? No problem. You can send in your questions and get the recording. .

Wednesdays online at noon pacific, for 30-60 minutes, starting October 4th, for live office hours. The 4 meetings will be 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15 (recorded if you can’t make it).

Second half hour of class will be set aside for additional questions about a CGM

If you choose to add a CGM we will meet one extra optional time, on October 3rd for 30 minutes, to get you rolling with your monitor. We can all put them on together!

IF YOU ARE ADDING A CGM YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO SIGN UP NOW AND GET YOUR CGM ORDERED. I would do this by September 1 to make sure you have it on time.

“More than anything I was surprised to see how getting on top of my blood sugar changed both my days and nights. During the day I was no longer ruled by hunger. Before I worked on this I would bonk during the day if I did not eat or get crazy cravings. After I worked on this I would forget to eat until I got hungry! It was wild. I would go 4-5 hours and then feel hunger pains instead of low energy or anxiety throughout the day. At night I was shocked to see how my sleep improved and night sweats stopped. Everything feels more balanced.” Christine L. Tahoe client 2021 age 48


The Energy Club- Metabolic Flexibility and Balanced Blood Sugar- The root of day to day and long term health. An online program this fall $199

We are not talking about limiting any foods but instead how to eat and live to support your best metabolic health so you can feel strong, look your best, ease through menopause, and prevent future health problems.

What is holding you back? Join Now!

Who is this class for? Anyone wanting-

  • Better Sleep
  • To feel empowered by learning about your body and how it works
  • To reduce afternoon bonks
  • Better physical endurance
  • Fewer hormonal symptoms associated with pms, perimenopause, menopause (this is step 1 of hormone balance)
  • More balanced energy
  • Increased focus
  • Improved moods including less anxiety
  • To reduce midlife weight gain
  • To prevent future diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, etc
  • Optional support using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to see exactly what is going on in your body minute by minute during the day
  • Discussions around pros/cons of Intermittent fasting, ketosis, etc

Registration Closes September 30th

“It came to no surprise that my low energy and low output was a direct correlation to my massive blood sugar swings. After a decade of running 100+ mile races and eating nothing but carbs it was time to make a change. Thanks to the CGM I was able to make direct correlations to the things that I ate and the way that I felt. I better understood bonking on a hard run and how eating the right foods at the right times was able to stabilize everything. Being able to see the data in real time helped validate the way that I felt and gave me immediate ways to feel better.” N.P. Tahoe client 2022

Take a quiz to see if glucose could be impacting you.

Thinking about adding an optional continuous glucose monitor? Here is some info-

  • A CGM tells you minute by minute how your body is responding to food and lifestyle
  • Each sensor fits on the back of your arm and lasts for 2 weeks. No, it does not hurt at all to put on! I promise.
  • You choose how many you get. Starting with 2 is a great idea.
  • You scan the sensor instantly with your phone and get all the data right at your fingertips in a clear and simple app
  • This is the most effective way I have found for people to make changes that have the greatest impact on their health
  • This is a very black and white way to learn about your unique body and how it is responding to food and lifestyle. You will see exactly how high and how low your glucose levels are going through out the day.
  • This will tell you if blood sugar is impacting sleep, anxiety, endurance, etc and how you can make changes
  • I have worked with many different ones and have settled on Veri as the best/easiest. You order through them and can get a discount on your first month with my link. There are many options but the simplest is 3 months of app with 2 sensors for $100/month for 3 months.
  • This is not necessary for the Energy Club, but a wonderful addition if you are interested in the support.
  • You will get a link to do this after you purchase the package. You will get my discount on your first month too!!

Questions? Please reach out to me-

 “Wearing a monitor to let me watch blood sugar fluctuations through the day and night has given me insights to what’s going on “under the hood” that I could only previously (usually wrongly, it turns out) guess at. It’s unobtrusive, painless, and has guided me to make informed changes to my diet and lifestyle that improve my health. The real-time measurement of my blood glucose let me see the impact of different types, amounts, and timing of foods on my blood sugar levels. I’ve recommended it to many friends and family members.” L.A. 2022 Tahoe Client

Booking Provided by Healthie

Get 10% off if you sign up in August! Use Promo code- AUGUST10%

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

Janel is obsessed with helping people understand their body better and use nutrition and lifestyle to function their best.  Janel specializes in hormone health, digestion, energy, and resilience.  She has dug deep into the science of food, nutrition, and physiology to provide a missing gap in health care.  Janel teaches group classes as well as works one-on-one with people who want to take control of their health.  When not working or chasing her kids around she is likely playing hard in the mountains and rivers of the West. 

What Is Functional Nutrition Anyway?

Functional Nutrition is absolutely my number one jam when it comes to supporting people to feel their best and actually seeing results. Why?

Generally speaking, Functional Nutrition focuses on using food, lifestyle, and nutrients to help restore optimal function in the body at a grassroots level. It does not matter what stage of health or disease someone is at, food and lifestyle can be used to help shift the terrain towards health and away from what is driving dysfunction. We focus on not only preventing future disease and symptoms but also ensuring the body has what it needs to function its best today. We spend time with people, understanding who they are, what their unique goals are, and their story. Functional Nutrition is all about being curious about your unique body and Functional Nutritionists are a lot like detectives.


Functional Nutrition is about the science or physiology of how each person uniquely interacts with the world. We don’t adhere to one particular diet or health fad but instead we look at what each unique person needs at this unique time, to restore balance and function. There is a partnership between client and practitioner and a large focus on empowering people to know their own body.

Here are 5 core concepts of Functional Nutrition (As developed and taught by the brilliant Andrea Nakayama at The Functional Nutrition Alliance or FxNA)

1. Functional Nutrition relies on the understanding that everyone is unique, everything in the body is connected, and everything we do impacts our health.

  • Everyone is unique– We each have our own genetic makeup, we have our own history, we were all birthed differently, fed differently, we have different microbes in our gut, timeline, health histories, different emotions, stressors, trauma, and triggers. In Functional Nutrition we map out each unique person, not only a diagnosis, symptom, or lab, but a holistic view of what makes each person unique. We take this information into consideration and focus on personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans.
  • Everything is connected– All of our body systems are connected and interact; our brain, our hormones, energy, immune system, gut, mental health, adrenals, and detox capabilities. Who we are, what we do, and how they each function impacts them all and they cannot be divided up without considering this interconnectedness. We map this out on a matrix and track it over time for each person. It is exciting to see multiple areas improve when you address the whole person.
  • Everything we do matters– What we eat clearly has a direct impact on health and how our body functions, but so does our mindset, how we process stress, if we are/have been exposed to toxins, how we move our body, how connected we are with others or a purpose, how we relax, how we breath, how we sleep, and more. These things all have a direct effect on our internal biochemistry. Everything we do impacts our health. We track this and continuously reassess efforts to support unique health goals.

2. In Functional Nutrition we are constantly addressing the root causes of symptoms and disease.

We like to think of Symptoms and disease as branches on a tree. We focus primarily on the roots. The major roots that drive chronic symptoms and disease include Chronic Inflammation, Gut Imbalances, and Genetics. In Functional nutrition we target the roots and the terrain that health or disease take root in. We are constantly asking WHY (root cause) symptoms occur more often than WHAT (diagnosis).

  • Inflammation- Inflammation is an important immune response in the body that we rely on for healing and repairing tissues. The problem is when inflammation becomes chronic and does not turn off and results in tissue damage. We now know that Chronic inflammation is one of the major driving causes of all chronic disease. Going ‘upstream’ and addressing what is causing inflammation impacts many ‘downstream’ symptoms. Causes of chronic inflammation include blood sugar imbalance, eating foods you are sensitive or allergic to, toxic exposure, silent infections, high sugar foods or processed foods, a microbiome imbalance, emotional stress, leaky gut, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and more. Calming chronic inflammation helps shifts the terrain in the body towards health and is one of the major roots to address in all health goals.
  • Gut Health– The health of the gut impacts all systems of the body and is another upstream cause of downstream symptoms and disease. Our gut is the intersection between the outside world and our internal terrain. We need our digestive system functioning from top to bottom in order to break down our foods properly so we can get the nutrients we need to function, to avoid chronic immune activation from a leaky gut, to ensure our microbes in our important gut microbiome are balanced so many systems can function properly including hormone balance, mental health, immune function, vitamin synthesis, for toxins to exit our body timely, and for so many more reasons. Addressing gut health is an important step in optimizing overall health and resilience.
  • Genetics- Our genetics have a large influence over our susceptibility and tendency to disease or health. Some things we are born with but we also now know that our food and environment influence our genetic expression and what genes are turned up or down, this is called epi-genetics. Being mindful of what genes we are turning up or down is an empowering way to take control of health.

3. Functional Nutrition relies on a Three Tiered approach when it comes to making recommendations-

All symptoms and disease exist in an environment. This work is meant to shift the environment towards health, setting the stage for healing and repair. Symptoms are downstream to bigger upstream imbalances. We do not give random suggestions but instead have a very well thought out approach that gets results.

  • Tier 1- First it works best to do some basic clean up work and set the stage for health to take root. This means strategically removing triggering foods and lifestyle practices that may be causing excessive inflammation, gut dysfunction, stress, or other damage and imbalance that is driving the problem. This looks different for everyone. We look at food, stress, sleep, hydration, blood sugar, movement, poop, toxins, joy and more. This initial cleanup work serves to clear and calm the body enough for most people to see big improvements with how they feel and function and for the body to do some necessary repair work.
  • Tier 2- The body needs specific nutrients and factors to function. Replacing any deficiencies in the body, such as specific nutrients (macro/micro/phyto), digestive enzymes, other digestive secretions, healthy microbes, antioxidants, whatever key substances the body needs to function and do its job is an important and often overlooked step.
  • After the first 2 tiers are addressed and the groundwork is set by removing triggers and replacing deficiencies, if still necessary, deeper digging, investigating, and possibly partnering with other professionals to repair tissues and restore function might be needed.

4. In Functional Nutrition there are 3 core basics that need to be addressed when working with any symptom or disease.

Optimizing poop, ensuring someone is getting enough quality sleep, and regulating blood sugar are three vital steps to address when considering any health issue. No matter what fancy protocol or herb you are taking, if these three are off it will be hard to reach your health goals. Why? These three things are like a cars ‘check engine’ light that comes on when there is an internal problem.

  • Poop– Our bowel movements are a big indicator of gut function and overall health. When transit time, poop color, shape, etc are off it tells us something is wrong somewhere upstream that needs to be addressed. Having irregular bowel movements can also cause downstream problems anywhere in the body. So it is both an indicator of a bigger problem and a driver of other problems.
  • Sleep– We heal and repair when we sleep. If we are not sleeping it can be indicative of hormone imbalances but also prevents our body from healing and repairing. So sleep, like poop, is a critical indicator of health and driver of more dysfunction.
  • Blood Sugar – Blood sugar swings impact everyone (not just diabetics) and impacts our hormones, energy, mood, sleep, stress levels, immune system, mental health, inflammation, and more. Beyond causing problems on its own, it is challenging to heal when our blood sugar is swinging up and down impacting every body systems. Optimizing this overflows to all of our body systems including gut health, hormones, inflammation, stress, metabolism, and more.

5. In Functional Nutrition we are all about empowering people to understand their own unique body and their own unique physiology. We form a partnership with clients.

Teaching people the tools to know what their own body is saying is key and is an important part of functional nutrition. We work in partnerships with people who want to take an active role in improving their health. We help you connect the dots between food and lifestyle and your symptoms and how you feel. We want you to be your own expert and advocate for yourself.

Functional Nutritionists work with people struggling with cancer, immune issues, eating disorders, mental health challenges, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances, gut issues, energy issues, skin problems, kids, women, men, athletes, pregnant mamas and anyone looking to use food and lifestyle to help rebalance and function their best. We recognize that there is a spectrum of health, not just diseased or healthy, and we help people move the dial towards personal goals and optimal wellness. Since each person is unique, so is the plan to restore health.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Janel Ferrin Anderson is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, A certified BioIndividual Nutrition Consultant, a certified Yoga Therapist, and has her doctorate in Natural Medicine. Janel obsesses over why things work the way they do and supports people to discover what is true for their unique body. She has a Holistic and Functional Nutrition Office in Truckee/Tahoe but also works online with individuals and groups interested in using food and lifestyle to improve how you function? Check out Mountain Rebalance today! Learn more about Janel here and hear what people are saying about working with Janel here

Current programs

Happening Every Fall, Learn more here
Happening every winter. Learn More Here

Annual Spring Reset and Liver Love! 2024 Dates

REPLENISH and REJUVENATE. Sign up now and I will make it easy for you to feel incredible!

“Mountain Rebalance’s Liver Love reset was not like any other cleanse I have done. Instead of feeling deprived, I felt nourished throughout the entire process. Janel provided empowering information on nutrition, delicious recipes, as well as other forms of self-care that support an ongoing healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this cleanse and look forward to the next one!” -2022 Spring Cleanser

Bring in the fresh and light energy of the spring. Nourish your body and your soul during this natural time of year to cleanse and reset. Set or reset new habits that move you towards feeling and functioning your best.

This is a chance to REPAIR and REPLENISH

Join Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Family Herbalist, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Janel Ferrin Anderson on this AWESOME and unique spring reset and deep dive into rejuvenation, detoxification, and optimizing how you function.

No fad diets here, just an awesome, short, nourishing, straightforward, seasonal reset to jump start your body at a cellular level. This reset addresses one of the pillars of longterm health- detoxification and rejuvenation

Reset at a level that is right for YOU and welcome in the VIBRANT energy of spring!

Give your body what it needs this spring to hit reset, flush out the old and bring in the vibrant new. This is a food based reset

2024 Nourishing Spring Reset Dates


Reset Packets and Reset Videos Go Out Sunday April 14th

Group Cleanse Week- April 29th-May 5th (or pick a time that works for you)

Group Message board available for questions. Food demos to learn new skills.

4 Optional Group Q&As to connect virtually or in person on Wednesdays April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th

  • VIRTUAL Meetings- Meet online at 7pm pacific on Wednesdays (or noon option available).
  • IN PERSON- Meet Wednesdays at noon at Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee (food demos after!)

Virtual Sign up – Wed 7pm pacific

In Person Sign up– Wed noon pacific at Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee

Spring Cleanse Alumni get 40% off as always! Sign up again for just $90 (discount code for spring alumni only SPRINGALUMNI40)

Hormone Club Alumni get $40 off. Sign up and use code SPRINGHORMRONEALUMNI

Early bird discount!

Spring is the season of the the liver and spring produce is all about liver nutrients. The liver is important for hundreds of everyday functions and directly impacts hormone health, blood sugar, nutrient storage, fat digestion, protein digestion, enzyme synthesis, cholesterol, energy, and of course DETOXIFICATION of all substances that enter your body through the air, water, food, skin, and gut. This is a pillar of health and one of the foundations of hormone health

We are going to REDUCE inflammatory foods and toxins, and LOAD UP on nutrients while supporting our liver and detoxification pathways

Sign up now for virtual Q&As (wed 7pm or noon)

Sign up now for In Person in Truckee Q&As (wed noon)

Yes this is a rejuvenating cleanse but it is so much more! Learn new habits and recipes to nourish your body for decades to come, empower yourself by learning the ‘why’ behind cleansing, connect with like minded community, learn what herbs and lifestyle practices aid us in detoxing, work with Functional Medicine Nutritionist Janel Ferrin Anderson, and eat delicious food while nourishing your entire body.

Come away feeling revitalized and restored

THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL COOKIE CUTTER RESET THAT I AM RE-MARKETING. I carefully designed this cleanse to help accommodate individual needs and support the body to function and cleanse its best.

Why Reset?

First off, doing a spring reset is simply an awesome way to mindfully load up on nourishing nutrients and give your body the tools to repair and set/reset healthy habits.

Bu there is one thing we all share which is our exposure to an increasing amount of toxins and stressors in our world. And while our body is designed to detox and cleanse everyday, the problem is the amount of toxins that are entering our body coupled with an increasingly nutrient deficient food supply and other modern day factors that slow down detox pathways. This idea is called Total Load or body burden. So it is not about one or two toxins, but about the accumulation over time.

Additionally, hormone balance at Perimenopause and Menopause depends on a happy liver!! Our liver detoxes estrogens. Making sure we are detoxing our estrogens in a health promoting way can decrease symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Who is this reset for?

You! Because we are all unique and are at different places in our lives, with different activity levels, stressors, gut health, cleanse experience, life commitments, etc… there is no one cleanse that works for everyone. That is why I include 3 options. This way you can pick what feels right for you.

I will help you choose what is best for you.

  • A building reset is for those that might be recovering from an injury, or breastfeeding, with a lot of physical demands on them, or are new to cleansing. In this cleanse we still bring in all the cleansing foods of spring and restorative practices but we include more solid foods, clean proteins and healthy fats to make sure you meet your needs.
  • A balancing reset is for most of us. We balance delicious cleansing foods, nourishing smoothies, green juices, herbs, and soups while incorporating supportive cleansing lifestyle practices.
  • A naked reset is for those that have cleansed before, that already eat a clean and nutrient dense diet, or that prefer the simplicity of this cleanse. As the week moves on we slowly move towards more liquid foods.


  • April 14th receive –
  • 2 Recorded lessons that you can watch anytime so you can learn about what we are doing and why we are doing it. You will walk away empowered!
  • Protocol, Menus, meal plans, recipes, cooking demos, herbs, tips, tricks, and more (THIS IS MY FAVORITE RECIPE BOOK OF THE YEAR).
  • Easy to use format and Cleanse Packet with tips on cleansing, troubleshooting a cleanse, essential oils, detox enhancers, herbs, and more
  • Message board for sharing recipes, experiences, pics, connecting, supporting, and for asking questions.
  • Pick a time to meet or watch recording
    • Virtual 30 minute Q&As on Wednesdays at 7pm April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th.
    • In person on Wednesdays at noon at The Tahoe Food Hub in Truckee
  • Cleanse/Reset is the week April 29th- May 5th (or pick your own week)
  • Group Lake Jump, for Tahoe locals, to kick off the cleanse May 6th at noon at Donner Lake

What have people said in the past about this cleanse?

“Spring Cleanse! Oh my. What an incredible experience. I’ve never done something like this in a group. I’ve cleansed before but doing so in a group was so uplifting and encouraging. I LOVED the recipes, the online support, and the WHY! It all made it so much more feasible. Janel shares amazing, obtainable, knowledge on not only the “how” but the “why”. I’d definitely do it again!” -2019 participant

“Great program – short and sweet with lots of benefits – easy to follow – LOVE the new recipe book” -2021 participant

“Working with Janel was a great experience. I felt supported and educated about why this was a good thing for my body. When I believe I am benefitting my health it is easier to stay committed to the cleanse. I feel really good and I will move forward having gained some healthy habits and a better understanding of why nutrition is key to not just my physical health but also my emotional well being. Thank you!” -2020 participant

“I feel totally energized after doing the Spring Cleanse with Janel and the group. She offered a great variety of recipes to make the week of the cleanse and to use in daily life. There was support to set an intention and also a flexibility to create a cleanse that works best for each person. I’ll take this energy and inspiration forward to make better choices in my eating habits and increase my vitality!” -2021 participant

“I just completed Janel’s Spring Cleanse and this is the first time that I have done a cleanse where I felt like I was truly giving my body exactly what it needs without depriving it in the process. The purposeful decisions from my cleanse (and as I reintroduce foods) have carried over into my life and I am loving the boost of consciousness!” -2021 Veronica Lichter

Mountain Rebalance’s Liver Love cleanse was not like any other cleanse I have done. Instead of feeling deprived, I felt nourished throughout the entire process. Janel provided empowering information on nutrition, delicious recipes, as well as other forms of self-care that support an ongoing healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this cleanse and look forward to the next one! -2022 Spring Cleanser

The Spring Cleanse has been part of my ritual for many years like my own “new year,” and having Janel’s knowledge and guidance makes it extremely easy to prepare, stay focused, and feel supported. Many of Her recipes have Become staples in my house which is fantastic bc it brings some of that clean eating for the whole family. I look forward to learning more from Janel in the upcoming seasons. -2022 Spring Cleanser

“Thanks again Janel for a great seasonal reset. I love doing these cleanses with the support of the group and with your enthusiasm and recipes!.” -2023 Spring Cleanser

“Janel is very thoughtful in her teachings and a wealth of information on nutrition. I felt like she encouraged us to have a great cleanse, but no pressure. Absolutely would do again and recommend to friends.” -2023 Spring Cleanser

“Love this cleanse! I felt so supported by Janel and the whole group. Two years down, hopefully many to go”.- 2023 Spring Cleanser

Click Here To SIGN UP NOW! Online

Click here to SIGN UP NOW! In Person in Truckee at The Food Hub

Let’s Do This!

Early Bird cost of the entire program is $150. Previous Spring Cleanse participants get 40% off (that is $60 off!!)

Price goes up to $165 after April 10th

This is NOT about depriving ourselves but instead about NOURISHING ourselves with specific cleansing foods. If you have done 20 cleanses or if this is your first one, this is for you!

Give your body a chance to reset, restore depleted nutrients, and reduce inflammation.


  • 1 easy to use reset packet loaded with awesome tips
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions each week with Janel
  • 3 cleanse specific menus laid out for you to choose from
  • 3 cleanse specific delicious and beautiful recipe books
  • lifestyle to support your body’s detoxification systems
  • bonus cooking videos include- juicing in a blender, making nut milks, cooking healing and cleansing broths, cleansing elixirs, and many more
  • tips on how to sleep better, process toxins better, supportive cleansing herbs, essential oils, etc
  • optional supplement suggestions at a discount to support your cleanse
  • recorded lessons about the cleanse so you can learn about how/why to spring cleanse
  • education around detox organs and how they work and what they need to do their job
  • tips on troubleshooting a cleanse
  • breathwork and movement practices to support cleansing during the week
  • discussions about how our liver detoxes estrogens
  • Message board to expand learning on specific interests, connect, and share with others
  • info on toxins and alternative clean choices

Join us for all the fun or take the protocol/recipes/packet and do your own thing.

Have you watched the fun Find Your Liver Video? More importantly have you found your liver? And can you believe how important it is? It is on the right side of your torso, just under your ribs on the right. Find yours!

Check out what makes a perfect spring detox salad here

Booking Provided by Healthie

What people are saying about working with Janel at Mountain Rebalance

Janel Ferrin Anderson DNM FNLP NC

Hello. I am Janel. I am pumped to dig into a spring cleanse with you. Empowering people to understand how their unique body works and how the choices we make impact that is my passion. Optimizing how we function through food and lifestyle choices affects every part of our life including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Join us this spring and optimize YOU. Learn more about me here

Purchase The Functional Foundations Bundle now for you or a loved one. Mini self paced course

Check out the energy club now

Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance. Do Yours Need a Rebalance?

We need our hormones in balance to feel vibrant, strong, sharp, calm, and resilient.

Signs your blood sugar may be out of balance:

  • Cravings for sweets, sugar, or bread products
  • Fatigue after eating a meal or a “food-coma”
  • Lightheadedness if meals are missed
  • Eating sweets does not relieve the cravings for sweets
  • Dependence on coffee to keep yourself going or get started
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Symptoms of female hormone imbalance

  • Acne or oily skin
  • Bloating
  • Bone loss
  • Decreased fertility
  • Depression
  • Excess facial and body hair
  • Hot flashes
  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Irritability
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of scalp hair
  • Low libido
  • Memory lapses
  • Mood swings
  • Nervousness
  • Night sweats
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Tender or fibrocystic breasts
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Weight gain

Symptoms of thyroid imbalance

Overactive (Hyperthyroidism)

  • Nervousness 
  • Tremor 
  • Mental fogginess
  • Poor concentration
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Heat intolerance
  • Reduced menstrual flow

Underactive (Hypothyroidism)

  • Fatigue
  • Depressed mood
  • Mental fogginess
  • Poor concentration
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating (fluid retention)
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • High cholesterol
  • Feeling cold
  • Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Constipation

Symptoms of adrenal imbalance

  • Allergies / asthma
  • Sugar cravings
  • Arthritis               
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Bone loss       
  • Memory lapse and brain fog
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Morning/evening fatigue
  • High blood sugar
  • Increased abdominal fat
  • Wired and Tired
  • Depression
  • Fatigue exercising
  • Insomnia
  • Needing coffee to wake up or get through the day
  • Not feeling awake even after a good nights sleep
  • Anxiety

Our endocrine system, or hormonal system, is an interconnected web of communications that depends on a delicate balance. A hormone is made in a gland, it travels in the blood, it reaches and is received by the target cell or tissue, causes an appropriate action, then it is detoxed and excreted (video). We need them in balance to feel vibrant, strong, sharp, calm, and resilient. Things that influence them include nutrient deficiencies, toxins, an over burdened liver, dehydration, stress, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, digestive system dysfunction, and more.

Join us this January to Rebalance, Feel your Best, and come away Empowered to take control of your hormone health. As always with Janel, don’t just find out what to do but learn WHY.

For more information look here, email Janel at, or sign up now to secure your spot.

The content here is intended for informational purposes only.  This is not a substitute for one on one care with your medical provider. Janel uses food, herbs and lifestyle to optimize how people function . Janel does not diagnose or treat specific diseases but instead works on the overall terrain.

Women’s Hormone Club and Reset- Replenish Your Body And Learn About Balancing Hormones- 40+

The Art and Science of an Exceptional Perimenopause and Menopause journey

“The Women’s Hormone Club is an essential for every women. This class is power, new insights, science, tangible tools and understanding your body as we age. If you are considering taking this class, it could honestly change (and save) your life!”- 2022 participant (see more testimonials below)

Hormones impact anxiety, cravings, weight, energy, mood, sleep, drive, skin, muscle, bones, libido, brain function, pms, headaches, bloating, hot flashes, future health, and more! Our Hormones change in our 40s and 50s. Imagine knowing exactly how to optimize your hormones and health as you age.

Calling all women 40-60’ish who want to age their best. Know your body better than anyone else so you can reach your health goals.

“Knowledge is power!!! Janel distills very complicated scientific information about our bodies into a comprehensible and easy to digest format. And it’s fun! Janel’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing how our bodies change through perimenopause and menopause is contageous. After learning more of the science behind how hormones work in our bodies, I feel more empowered to address my negative symptoms and curious about the next phase of life.” 2023 participant

6 weeks, recorded lessons to watch anytime about hormones and how to impact hormone balance, live meetings to connect, menus/recipes, tricks, science, community, 3 week hormone balancing and nourishing cleanse, access to all info for the year

Hormone Club 2024 – There will be an IN PERSON (thursdays in Truckee at noon pacific) and Virtual version (Wednesdays at noon OR 7pm pacific) Materials released 1/6/24. All lessons are previously recorded and available to you all year.

Email me with questions

Get the support, information, tools, inspiration, and accountability you need to powerfully transform your health from deep down.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is womansave-1024x674.png

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to optimize your health and come away empowered! Things we do today affect our health, hormones, brain function, mood, immune system, digestion, and energy decades down the line.

This will impact sleep, skin, libido, energy, headaches, immune health, anxiety, depression, pms symptoms, moodiness, perimenopause and menopause symptoms, sore breasts, digestive problems, weight, heavy periods, joint pain, and more!

Janel offers an incredibly unique and rich angle as a board certified holistic nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, a Doctor of natural medicine, certified therapeutic supplement practitioner, an Ayurvedic yoga therapist, Family Herbalist, and someone who has worked with women specifically for decades.

Read about how I get fired up around women’s health and supporting women to feel their best (blog).


The Plan-

Get information and course content online to watch and review on your own (you have this for the full year). We will meet 6 times in person or virtually to connect, ask questions, and learn.

Gain empowering ways to think into your own health so you can take charge for decades to come. Connect with other women empowered to make changes and optimize their health.


No fads here, just the physiology and how you can intelligently impact it.

Learn how to get various optional labs to see ‘what’s going on in there’ including serum (blood) labs and hormone (salivary and urine) labs and more. Discuss pros/cons of HRT and steps to improve how those work for your body, if you go that route.

Join us and invest in YOU!

My goal is to empower you to understand your body and to support you with all the information and tools you need.

All of this for $320 – Early bird price $288 (sign up before December 20th). You can also split the price into 2 payments of $170 if that is better for you (or smaller payments). Promo Code- EARLY10%OFF

Space is limited so we can keep the group intimate and you can get your questions answered. This group has filled every winter so sign up early!!!

What you will get-

  • 6 video lessons about what is going on in your body as you age and hormones change- access for 12 months to go at your own pace and come back to at any time
  • 6 live Q&As (in person in Truckee or virtual with am/pm option)
  • Daily email tips- mindful monday, tuesday tip, wednesday body wise
  • Recipes, food lists, and meal plans to support hormone balance
  • Course packet loaded with tips on sleeping better, increasing energy, reducing stress, optimizing weight, and more
  • Questionnaires to help you learn about your body
  • Specific information about supplements
  • Information about lab testing that relate to optimizing hormones
  • Lists of ways to ease hormone imbalances and reduce symptoms
  • Information about body tracking
  • Relaxation practices, exercise videos, cooking demos, herbs
  • Small action steps each week to help balance hormones and optimize how you feel and function
  • 3 Week hormone balancing and incredibly nourishing cleanse to reboot and reset
  • Optional lab testing with Janel after course ends
  • Space and structure around leaning into this new season of life
  • A community of support to discuss, share, and learn from
  • Bonus videos- cooking, strength training, relaxation, herbs, mindfulness expert, kitchen basics, clean products, master herbalist, sports nutritionist, etc
  • And so much more

Start writing or type / to choose a block

2024 DATES Here-

  • Course materials Go out January 6th! Watch videos anytime over the next 12 months
  • January 10th and 11th- 1st live class (recorded)
  • Jan 17th/18th- 2nd live class (recorded)
  • Jan 24th/25th- 3rd live class (recorded)
  • Jan 30th/ Feb 1st- 4th live class (recorded)
  • Feb 7th/8th- 5th live class (recorded)
  • Feb 14th/15th- final live class (recorded)
  • 3 week optional hormone reset cleanse- Jan 29th- Feb 18th or pick the time that works best for you

2024 IN PERSON (in Truckee)- THURSDAYS at 12 noon or 7pm pacific. SIGN UP HERE

2024 VIRTUAL (Zoom)- WEDNESDAYS at noon or 7pm pacific. SIGN UP HERE

2 monthly payments of $170- Email me if you want to sign up this way

Hormone Alumni – join either of our main 6 week groups at a discounted rate. 50% off- Sign up for whichever you prefer and use code HormoneAlumni50%

ALUMNI OPTION #2- NEW!!!!!! Hormone Club Monthly Membership to stay connected, learning, and working towards health at a sustainable rate all year! March-December 2024. Meet once a month together online. Share personal stories, tips, progress, etc. Sign up here. $39/month for 10 months

Sign Up Now!! In Person Sessions

Sign Up Now!!! Virtual sessions

Feel free to email Janel for more information and to get on the list to stay informed –

Learn more about Janel here and her unique perspective on health and wellness

Start writing or type / to choose a block


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What women love about The Women’s Hormone Club-

  • “Having the recipes and the tools to be organized was a game changer!”
  • “Awesome information, supporting vibe, sharing of ideas , menus etc”
  • “Learning all of the insider tips (and science/health stuff) from Janel, the collective power of a group of women sharing ideas, doing the 3-week protocol!
  • “The knowledge & wisdom. The printable documents. The videos.”
  • “The depth of knowledge and details I could learn, delicious recipes, support group to keep me accountable! I love all the supplemental videos too!”
  • “Clear info, answered questions, hearing other people’s experiences and questions”
  • “Online format and recordings were great. Good information and perspective. Great format to give us info ahead of time to review.”
  • “I loved the videos each week and the group classes, but I also like the pace that we could set based upon our schedules. For example, with my family during this class was sick and I was traveling but I didn’t want to miss the class. It was really nice to be able to do my own learning but led by Janel when needed. I really enjoyed the science behind everything and I found myself talking non stop about your class to friends. The videos I really found helpful as I’m a much more visual person. I was also very thankful to you for getting my sleep back on track. This has been a real struggle for years and I find myself waking more refreshed and getting sleepy naturally around 930-10 pm. THANK YOU JANEL!” 2022
  • “I LOVE all the handouts so that I can re read and dive deeper into the info your shared. I really liked all the videos as well. so much good stuff I like the class so that we could ask questions and get your feedback. I LOVE the no judgement attitude of just be where you are. It is refreshing!!” 2022
  • “1. Learning so much awesome info 2. Sharing ideas, foods, info and struggles/questions with other women my age 3. The holistic nature of the program and that I got access to so many practical resources” 2022
  • “I enjoyed the cleanse and the list of Yes, No, and Bonus foods. I enjoyed the recipes. I appreciated all your knowledge.:” 2022
  • “The information and content spoke to me as I am experiencing much of what you focus on, the recipes are great, the pace is good it gives time to learn and then adopt changes as you go.” 2022
  • “I loved the videos. Enjoyed the information and loved that I could listen to them on my own time, at my own pace and as many times as I needed to. I thought they were a good length, not too long. I liked how you incorporated so many different learning styles into the course (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)” 2022
  • Printable manual full of goodness. Weekly videos- all of them! Weekly live classes. 2023
  • The evidence based content care, and passion of Janel, “easy” or non-judgmental learning environment 2023
  • The live meetings, practical tips on implementing better health (e.g. wellness Wednesdays), the *why* behind the what in both the modules and the live meetings. 2023
  • the learnings, getting to know other ladies, and having a specific time of week to think about this 2023
  • Community, lots of great facts, recipes 2023


What Women are saying about Mountain Rebalance’s Women’s Hormone Club-

“This is my 2nd group program with Janel and I’m astounded by the amount of information she provides us. It is so interesting to have the science to explain why we are doing the things that we are doing….it makes it much more motivating. Janel is passionate and supportive of you “being curious” and figuring out what works for YOU!” – K P 2021

“Janel’s hormone club gave me a clear path to start building more understanding about my health and hormones since turning 40. It’s like an awesome girlfriends group where you get deep knowledge and background about what’s happening with hormones, but then also all of the really practical stuff you need to know in order to do something about keeping things balanced. Janel provides so many tips, suggestions, and ideas (in additional to all of the science and technical stuff) that I came away feeling really empowered to continue on this path of health and self discovery – to really craft balance and health that works for me. The power of the group is also huge in maintaining the food protocol for 3 weeks – and it doesn’t hurt to be cooking from really great recipes and sharing ideas with the other participants too!” -S D 2021

“This class was great!! I have been looking for a lot of this info and with Janel’s help I was able to get better control on my health. She was able to update my supplements, teach me about blood sugar, put me on a better track with my nutrition plus gave me a whole new knowledge of my hormones and why I feel the way I do. Thank you Janel!! I am grateful for all knowledge you have given us this last 6 weeks.” 2021 participant

“The Women’s Hormone Club is an essential for every women. This class is power, new insights, science, tangible tools and understanding your body as we age. If you are considering taking this class, it could honestly change (and save) your life! For example, I was able to better grasp what needed to be eliminated from my body as it helped clear the “muddy waters” to make room for better sleep, hormone and blood sugar balancing and so much more!” 2022 participant

“If I say “My nutritionist said…” one more time to my family they will probably scream. But I learned so much important information of WHY we should make the changes, which I really enjoy. For example, not just “get more sleep” but WHY it’s important and what bad sleep can do to your body. I appreciate Janel’s passion for all things hormones and her support in making daily changes. We are not perfect, but each day we can make better choices that will help us live a healthier life.” 2022

“Janel has SO much helpful and practical information to share. She is supportive in the way she teaches and is easy to communicate with as well. I feel supported in my journey to better health. No doubt she will spark more curiosity about how our bodies work and will have you coming back for more. Thanks Janel!” 2022 participant

“The women’s hormone club is exactly what I needed to really dive in, motivate and become in tune as a new transition in my life begin. Food and supplements are the most potent medicine and Janel’s class will educate you in that.” 2022 participant

“I loved Janel’s Women’s Hormone Club 6 week class! I felt like I learned so much that is important to my health, not only about my hormones but about how to create balance in multiple areas of my life. Janel offered me a whole new perspective on my body and how to navigate the changes that happen during different stages of a woman’s life. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about these topics and so generous with sharing her knowledge and resources. She definitely goes above and beyond!! Thanks to Janel, I feel more educated and empowered in making better choices that can support my health and well being as I move forward into the second half of my life. I feel like learning about the “why” behind the steps we were taking during the cleanse really helped me to stay motivated and it was awesome to be connected to such an amazing tribe of other women my age. “- D. R. 2022 participant

“Great Program, I noticed an improvement in my sleep, mood, and gut health. The program has taught me that I can make choices that are not only powerful, but also sustainable for a healthier future” 2022 participant

“Janel is a wealth of information. She has a nurturing, respectful and kind approach to helping people take control of their health and thrive. Janel provides achievable action steps for improving your health and vitality and to help you age with grace.” 2022 participant

“Janel is amazing and her class is so motivating! You walk away feeling so much more energized and all around better. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone nearing menopause. So amazingly helpful!!!!” 2023 participant

“This course was the best investment I have made for my health & well-being in a long time. I now feel so much more informed & empowered to navigate my late 40’s + into the wisdom years. Janel created a well-balanced program full of science & functional medicine to support a woman’s whole being. She is encouraging, real, and full of important information! I am grateful for the time spent in this group, and I’ll be recommending to my girlfriends next time around!” 2023

“I remember sitting in my physician’s office and she was explaining the follicular and luteal phases to me and I was so nervous sitting there totally didn’t understand her – lol. I love my physician and she’s patient with me but Janel was able to show and explain the beautiful biology, phases, hormones of the woman’s body so that I can truly admire and feel so empowered to take on the different seasons and life changes that we are given. xoxo”

“I wish this program was mandatory for all women 40-60! I think a lot of us go through our lives, perimenopause and menopause included, at the mercy of our bodies and our lifestyles without really understanding what’s going on inside, or how we can best support ourselves. Janel’s program has been so great in giving me knowledge and tools to ease through the transitions of perimenopause with understanding, empowerment, and positivity.” 2023

“I love this group, and keep returning to it. I find that each year I’m in a different place in my health journey and I am ready to learn and try something new. There is so much content in this program, and getting the big picture is really important. But then returning to the program is helpful to keep dialing in the baby steps needed to incorporate the learning into my life! Janel is very passionate about helping women feel their best while also encouraging making changes at your own pace and starting where you are.” 2023

“Knowledge is power!!! Janel distills very complicated scientific information about our bodies into a comprehensible and easy to digest format. And it’s fun! Janel’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing how our bodies change through perimenopause and menopause is contageous. After learning more of the science behind how hormones work in our bodies, I feel more empowered to address my negative symptoms and curious about the next phase of life.” 2023

“This course was empowering, educating, and connecting. I feel so much more informed and connected with my body.” 2023

Sign up for the 2024 women’s hormone club before if fills!


Sign Up Now!! In Person Sessions

Sign Up Now!!! Online sessions

The First Women’s Hormone Club 2019. That first year we were just in person and it was one of these ladies that named our group The Hormone Club! Thanks EV. A lot has changed since then. Join the club of empowered women!

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP DNM

I obsess with helping women understand their body better. When we understand the physiology of our unique body we understand how much control we do have over how we feel and function. I teach the science behind how food, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, our mindset, genes, movement, and environment impact our body and how we can use them to feel and age out best. Getting the science, the community support, and methodical action steps is a powerful way to make change in your body.

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