Spring Cleanse- April 2019- FULL

Our Spring Cleanse is FULL.  Join us in the summer, fall, or winter for another cleanse. 

Don’t wait! Join us in April.

Spring is the perfect time to hit reset and give your body some love with a whole foods nourishing cleanse.   Not only give your body the nutrients and time it needs to rejuvenate and function better but learn why too. We will be talking about the physiology of detoxification and cleansing.

Our bodies are constantly working hard for us to digest our food, balance blood sugar, regulate hormones, detox our environment, down regulate inflammation, fight off invaders, manage our stress, and tons more.  Give your body the break it needs so you can feel better.

It’s true, our bodies are designed to detox our environment and metabolic bi-products but with the added stress of living a fast paced, toxin laden, nutrient deficient life with round the clock easy access to food we need to make space to nourish these vital and overworked organs/systems.

Join us for a 7-10 day cleanse.  We will meet 3 times as a group over 2 weeks and communicate lots during the week with each other.  You will be supported with loads of education, recipes, a step by step plan, daily encouragement, optional supplement suggestions, detox support, optional lab work, questions answered, and the accountability of the group.  You can decide which level of cleanse you will complete, making it perfect for ANYONE and EVERYONE.

Sign up with a pal and you both get $10 off!

Don’t wait for a better time!  Make it happen. Join us and not only learn what to do but empower yourself by also learning about why.  Space is limited.

  • First Meeting- Tuesday April 16th 630-8pm
  • Cleanse start- Monday April 22nd
  • Second Meeting- Tuesday April 23rd 630-8pm
  • Cleanse end- Sunday April 28th
  • Third Meeting and CELEBRATION- Tuesday April 30th- 630pm

Cost- $80

Check out this awesome/short (3 minute) TedEd video about the liver, its important job, and how nutrition and lifestyle affects it (aka us).

Email janel@mountainrebalance.com to sign up

Purchase Service


One on one Personalized Sessions

Free 15 minute Phone Call to chat with Janel and see if we can help with your unique situation.   Email or call to schedule a time janel@mountainrebalance.com

Initial assessment and review
The best place to start! After you fill out an extensive intake we meet for 1.5 hours so I can learn all about you and hear your concerns and goals.  I review any lab work, recommend functional labs, suggest relevant home testing, and do lots of behind the scenes detective work. Next we have a 1 hour follow up where we go deep into a plan to address your specific needs and situation.  You get a personal Health and Wellness Binder to keep all your health and medical paperwork organized.

Follow up and Commitment Package
6 45 minute appointment over 3 months time so we can continue to assess, test, review, and where I can support you making sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.  You have access to emailing and calling me for basic questions. There is heaps of education and personal adjustments.  We typically meet every other week and connect over email or phone between. 

Gold Standard Follow up Commitment Package
12 45 minute appointments over 6 months time so you can feel fully supported on this time of healing and change.  The truth is it takes time to heal and to make lifelong sustainable change.  I have seen 6 months work seamlessly for people with enough support and education so they understand why change is needed.  You have email support and access to call me. Can also be used as punch card over 12 months. 

Half hour Individual Follow up Sessions
$50/half hour session
Periodically get together to reassess, track, and support

Holistic and Functional Nutrition Consult
$90/hour established clients
$100/hour new client
We can talk about ideas to help you reach your goals or discuss some of the physiology behind why things might be happening as they are.  

Working with Kids
We love working with kids and tailoring things to them. Although they are little people with less of a history they are still people and require all the information and detective work.   Starting with the assessment package is still best.  However, if your little one is older and would benefit from a chat about how food and lifestyle affect different body systems or you have some general questions we can do that on an hourly consult base.  I always prefer to get the whole story but sometimes it is appropriate to simply meet for an hourly consult.  Keep your eye open for group family health classes coming soon too!

Group Wellness and Classes

Group Wellness and Classes

Holistic Healthcare you can’t afford to miss, but can afford!


4 Week Group Programs-

(bring a friend and get $20 off each)
All groups are 4 weeks long and include 4 one hour gatherings for education, questions, and motivation, it also include email support, a binder with all your information, recipes, meal plans, appropriate supplement suggestions, optional access to professional quality supplements at discounted rate, facebook group access to connect with others doing the program,  and better health, balance, and insight after:) . Optional hormone testing available 

  • Women’s Hormone ReBalance- 4 weeks-  
  • Family Elimination Diet Support – 4 weeks
  • Prenatal/Postpartum Nutrition, Recovery, and Hormone Balance- 4 weeks- September 2019
  • Blood Sugar ReBalance- Lose the Sugar!- 4 weeks
  • Heal your gut (and affect every organ and system in your body)- 4 weeks
  • Autoimmune Reset- 4 weeks
  • Teen Girls Empowerment through Education- Learn about your body and how what you eat and the environment affect it
  • Adrenal Fatigue Roboot! Energy, please!- 4 weeks



1 Week Whole Foods Seasonal Cleanses and Education 

(bring a friend and you both get $10 off)
These week long dynamite cleanses include 3 one hour group meetings (online or in person in Truckee), loads of valuable education, recipes, detailed food plan, detox and cleanse tips, email support,  facebook group access, optional access to professional supplements at discounted rate, and an awesome feeling after you complete it! Everyone can benefit and you get to choose your comfort level- expert or beginner or anywhere between. 

  • Spring Cleanse and Liver Love- April 2019
  • Summer- July 2020
  • Fall- October 2019
  • Winter Cleanse- January 2020


Healing Foods Workshops

Learn how to make your own Sprouts, Bone Broth, Fermented Vegetables, Nut Milks, Juices, etc


Herbal Remedies Workshops

Learn how to infuse oils with medicinal herbs and use as healing salves, lotions, and balms.  Learn how to make your own herbal remedies and medicines. 


Group Classes on Health on Wellness

Come together and learn about different body systems, how they work,  how they affect us, and how our lifestyle and diets interplay with them.   Join our classes or Host your own health party!!

  • Hormone Health
  • Immune Health
  • Blood Sugar
  • Digestive Health
  • Hypothryroid
  • Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum
  • Perimenopause and women’s hormone health as we age
  • Estrogen Dominance
  • Depression, Diet, and Lifestyle



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