5 Sauces For The Flavor WIN

I love a delicious sauce! They bring the yum factor to any dish, especially boring  leftovers or any dish that needs a boost! 

I am a big advocate of always making enough for leftovers when I cook, or batch cooking large amounts of a variety of roasted/steamed veggies and a gluten free grain for the week. That strategy makes for easy and nutrient dense meals in a flash……. 

What makes that crazy fun and delish?  Sauces!! 

Teaching clients to use flavorful sauces is so great because it’s easy and satisfying. 

We usually have 2 sauces on hand each week to reuse and mix things up. 
You can add sauces to salads, bowls, tacos, roasted veggies, soups, eggs, raw veggies, grilled meats, grains, or whatever else you can think of. 

We go through so many different ones but we have our standard 5 that I will share here. I would love to hear what sauces you love.

My favorite 5 sauces are-

  1. Amazing almond curry sauce for veggies or meat
  2. Cilantro tamari sauce
  3. Miso ginger sauce or dressing
  4. Avocado lime dressing
  5. Ginger lime tahini sauce

One of the dishes photographed here is of leftover fajita veggies and chicken thrown on a bed of lettuce, with added black beans, tomatoes, and avocado lime dressing. Everyone loved it and I would argue it was better than fajitas the night before.

Download the recipe pack for all 5 sauces here

Tell me what you try and what you like! Tag Mountain Rebalance @mountainrebalance so I can see!! Enjoy every bite

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Fall Digestion Club starting fall 2021!!!

Spring Cleanse Spring 2021

Womens Hormone Club Winter

Big News! Digestion Club Starting Fall 2021 at Mountain Rebalance.

People have loved our Group Programs so much (Winter Women’s Hormone Club, Spring Cleanse, Ongoing Replenish/Rebalance) that I added a Fall Digestion Club to the mix. I am pumped and I hope you are too.

As we are learning more and more, so much of health begins in and depends on the GUT. This includes mental health, immune health, digestive health, physical health, hormone health, energy, sleep, and so much more.

This club is for anyone looking to

  • enhance their overall health and decrease pesky symptoms
  • optimize digestion and learn about how it works and what impacts it
  • learn a ton about your own unique body and what it is saying
  • use food and lifestyle as medicine
  • receive lots of new recipes and organizational tips for the kitchen
  • discover what various supplements might be helpful to improve digestion

Groups are an awesome and affordable way to get a jumpstart on health, further your health journey, connect with others, start feeling better, and learn a ton.

This will be a 6 week program with weekly live (online or in person options) group meetings with Janel to ask questions and connect. There will be educational videos to watch on your own, handouts, questionnaires, and a food/lifestyle protocol to help “clear the muddy waters” as we call it in Functional Nutrition.

You will learn a ton about digestion top to bottom, why it is important, what impacts it, and how to read your own body, all while following a food/lifestyle protocol to decrease overall inflammation, boost nutrients, and support digestion.

Digestion is one of the 3 Root Causes to address when addressing any chronic disease or pesky symptom (the other 2 roots are inflammation and genetics- we will be impacting all 3).

There will be lots more info coming soon but mark your Calendars for September/October 2021. These groups fill up fast!!

Find out what people are saying about working with Janel at Mountain Rebalance

Learn more about Janel

Spring Cleanse info here

Winter Women’s Hormone Club info here

3 ideas for building resiliency, health, and calm in 2021

Digestion talk from 2019

Delicious, Clean, and Hormone Friendly Banana Blueberry Bread!

This bread is delish plus it is loaded with health promoting ingredients that are an awesome balance of fat, fiber and protein to help set the stage for hormone balance.

The women in this years winter Hormone Club are enjoying this recipe along with other nourishing recipes to promote hormone balance. We have been talking over the last 6 weeks all about hormones, what impacts them, how they interact with each other, and how to use food and lifestyle to support hormone balance and minimize symptoms of imbalance.

I am obsessed with understanding the science around how the body works and what impacts it.

The digestive tract is the intersection between the outside world and what goes on inside our body. How our brain takes in and experiences the world is another way the outside world becomes part of our physiology. I love helping people use food and lifestyle to promote health and teaching people how to listen to their own body and discover what is true for them.

This anti-inflammatory blueberry banana bread is gluten, dairy, soy and white sugar free. It has flax for fiber and healthy fats, hemp seeds for protein, phytonutrients in blueberries and bananas, healthy fats plus protein and loads of nutrients in eggs, and anti-inflammatory olive oil. Give it a try and enjoy 😊. Let me know what you think


  • 1 cupAlmond Flour
  • 1/4 cupCoconut Flour
  • 1 tspBaking Soda
  • 1/2 tspSea Salt
  • 1 tspCinnamon
  • 1 tbspGround Flax Seed
  • 1 tbspHemp Seeds
  • 2Banana (mashed)
  • 2 tbspsExtra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 3Egg (whisked)
  • 1/4 cupMaple Syrup
  • 1 cupBlueberries


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF (177ºC).
  2. Combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. In a separate mixing bowl, mash the bananas with a fork until a creamy consistency forms. Add in the oil, eggs and maple syrup and mix well. Pour the dry ingredients in with the wet ingredients and mix well. 
  3. Gently fold in your fresh or frozen blueberries with a spatula. Distribute the blueberries evenly throughout the batter, but be careful not to over mix as this will break the berries and cause your bread to turn purple. (It will still taste just as good but may not look as pretty!)
  4. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and pour in the batter. Bake in oven for 45 – 50 minutes. Test if it is cooked through by sticking a toothpick in the middle. If it comes out clean, the bread is done. When fully cooked, lift the parchment paper out of the pan and let cool before slicing. Enjoy!

Check out our awesome group wellness offerings! We go into a ton about the science of your body and how food and lifestyle can make an impact. Offerings include The Winter Women’s Hormone Club, Spring Detox and Liver Love, Summer Badass For the Long Haul, and The Fall Digestion Club. Join us and take charge of your health!

Janel is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, has her doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a certified family herbalist and a certified yoga therapist. ‘I am dedicated to empowering people to feel their best and to take charge of their health. I help people understand their body and how to use food and lifestyle to improve health and resilience. I obsess over the science so you can choose what is best for you.’

Supporting Your Microbiome With Food and Lifestyle

Your Microbiome is hugely influential to your everyday and longterm health, and here is the thing, your microbiome is malleable, meaning it changes depending on your lifestyle and your food choices. 

Your microbiome, according to microbiome scientist extraordinaire Dr. Joseph Petrosino, is important for mental health, immune health, hormone health, healthy weight and energy levels, brain function, digestive health, inflammatory levels, cardiovascular health, and more (1)! 

I am loving all the new science and appreciation that is happening around these important microbes and how they influence us.  We are learning more and more each day.  Here are just a few ways we know the microbiome influences our health.

First, the gut microbiome is the totality of all the organisms, bacteria, yeast, fungi, in your gut as well as their genetics, in relation to you, the host. What happens to them, happens to you, and vice versa.

The crazy thing? We have more microbial cells than human cells in our body. Even crazier.. according to microbiome scientist Kiran Krishnan, new science has made it clear that these microbes control around 90% of our genes (2). Humans have around 7 pounds of influential microbes in their gut alone!

Why is it important?

Among many other important functions, our microbiome provides a barrier system, between the outside world, or the foods and substances you ingest, and the inside world, your bloodstream and your immune system. Making sure you have a robust barrier is key to your health.  We want to keep out what does not belong in our bloodstream but absorb what we do need.

In particular the microbiome and the balance of microorganisms in your body influences your immune function, in fact, according to Krishnan, your immune system would not exist with out it. Your microbiome acts as watch guards to help find invaders, and then communicates via inflammatory markers with the rest of your immune system if back up is needed (so your immune system can act on invaders and keep you safe).

Another incredibly important role of the microbiome is the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids and the impact of butyrate in particular.   These substances, that healthy microbes produce, directly impact your brain, your immune system, and more.  (check out my short videos on feeding the microbiome to support immune health below)

Your microbiome is also key to your metabolism by helping you digest and utilize foods. We can eat the best foods in the world but we need out microbes to help us use them. In fact it helps us not only process foods but also process medications (5).

Your microbes send messages to your nervous system and can influence what foods you crave and how satiated you feel, says Krishnan. They can influence which part of the nervous system is activated, the rest/relax or fight/flight one, impacting your mood as well as cravings. In addition, studies have confirmed the influence of the gut microbiome on neurodegenerative diseases, neurotransmitters, and behavioral disorders (3).

According to health expert Chris Kresser the microbiome plays a critical role in hormone balance as well, influencing hormonal symptoms, diseases and cancers (4).

This is just the start, as we are only now starting to understand how influential our microbiome is on every part of out physical and mental health. Since your microbiome influences so many aspects of your body and your health it is worth taking care of. The crazy cool thing? It is the choices you make everyday with food and lifestyle that make the biggest impact.

When considering the health of your microbiome, it is important to

  1. Ingest healthy microbes to ensure diversity
  2. Feed the microbes in a way that promotes a healthy population
  3. Protect our microbiome from damage. 

Ways to enhance a healthy and diverse microbiome- 

  • From the get go, vaginal births seed the microbiome with healthy microbes and Breastmilk feeds these microbes exactly the right foods to thrive.
  • Avoid unnecessary antibiotics and medications
  • Eat fermented foods like Kvass, sauerkraut, yogurt, Kimchi, or other fermented veggies to get good microbial diversity
  • Eat loads of fiber, phytonutrients, and prebiotics from veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes (this is what feeds your healthy microbes)
  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night
  • Exercise or move your body daily 
  • Reduce everyday stress and learn to process stress (breath work, meditation, guided imagery, etc)
  • Avoid pesticides on your food and in your life like Round Up
  • Keep inflammation under control 
  • Play in the dirt including organic gardening

Look for more coming around the importance of the microbiome and practical steps to help you maintain a healthy balance of these incredibly influential little critters.   For now, check out my videos below on 2 ways to feed your microbes the right foods.

Two microbiome scientists I love, who are doing really great research, and to keep an eye on are Dr. Joseph Petrosino and Kiran Krishnan. You can also check out the Microbiome Summit if that interests you.

AND keep an eye open for my Healthy Digestion Club coming soon!

Exact quantities will vary depending on your unique body and gut health. Start low and slowly increase amount of ground flaxseeds and psyllium as your gut permits. I do 1 tablespoon of each but find what is right for you. Always chase with a glass of water:)
Stewed Apples For Gut and Immune Health- Short Chain Fatty Acids
Get my recipe for stewed apples here


  1. Romm, Aviva. (2018) Frontiers in Microbiome Research with Dr. Joseph Petrosino
  2. (2020) The Healthy Terrain Summit. Krishnan, Kiran. Our Microbial Terrain. The Science Of Community
  3. Strandwitz P. Neurotransmitter modulation by the gut microbiota. Brain Res. 2018 Aug 15;1693(Pt B):128-133. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2018.03.015. PMID: 29903615; PMCID: PMC6005194.
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  6. Functional Nutrition Lab. FBS. Digestive Intensive 2018

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP PhD is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, has her doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a certified family herbalist and a certified yoga therapist. ‘I am dedicated to empowering women to feel their best and to take charge of their health. I help people understand what is going on in their body and how to use food and lifestyle to improve health and resilience.’

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3 Ways To Add Calm and Resilience in 2021

Read what inspired me to study the body and to support people in their journey towards health

3 Ideas To Build Resilience, Health, And Calm in 2021

Welcoming in a new year feels vastly more important this year.  Although a new year will be appreciated on many levels and brings with it the potential for needed change, it is not a free ticket to better or easier times.  But the cool thing is there are some awesome habits you can adopt to increase how well you feel and how resilient you are this new year. 

I could easily name 10 (or 20) but I am going to keep it to 3 and they will all be about adding, not taking away……..

1. Add booster foods to your life.  I love booster foods.  They are such a simple way to add nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, clean proteins and fiber to your day.   They will help you become more resilient in so many ways as your body restores and refuels a little bit more every day.  What are booster foods exactly? They are a group of foods that are nutrient dense power houses.  They are loaded with the constituents your body needs to function its best but are sorely lacking in so many foods today.  The key to incorporating them into your life is making a place for them in your home that you see everyday which helps you to remember to add them.  Here is a post I wrote on booster foods if you want more.  I have a special shelf in my fridge dedicated to these foods alone. Some of my favorites include flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, camu powder, maca powder, a mix of sesame/pumpkin/sunflower seeds, gogi berries, mulberries, kelp flakes, nutritional yeast, collagen, and cacao.   I try to add them when I can throughout the day to salads, yogurt, smoothies, soups, toast, nut butters, potatoes, bars, etc.  Sprinkle that nutrient dense magic everywhere.  The key is being organized and creating the space.

2. Eat the rainbow, seriously, I know you’ve heard it, but do it each time you eat.  It’s not about eating perfectly is’s just about adding color. At every meal and snack ask yourself, “how can I get more color?”.  Colorful whole foods are loaded with important phytonutrients (which means nutrients from plants) that our body needs to operate it’s best. Our immune system needs colors, we need colors to fight off cancer, our brain needs colors, our gut needs colors, colors fight of oxidative damage, our heart and our hormones all need colors.  I know you know it, but now let’s make it happen.  -Eggs and toast for breakfast? What can you add? Blueberries and kale chips.  Great. The rainbow.  -A bowl of chilli for lunch?  What can you add? Sliced cucumbers on the side and chopped cilantro and pumpkin seeds on top. Yum. A rainbow.  -Roasted chicken, potatoes and a simple salad for dinner?  Get out the grater and grate a couple carrots and beets for the top of your salad and add a few chunked pieces of broccoli to boot with, a squeeze of lemon of course. Rainbow beauty there.  -Your kids having mac and cheese again for lunch? Ask them what colors they want to add on the side.  Roasted brussel sprout chips, strawberries, a tamari seaweed snack, green apples, red pepper strips, or carrots would bring in awesome colors.  Find what works for you but just think ‘what other colors can I add?’.  The key is shifting your mindset each time you eat to consider the rainbow.

3.  Make time for quiet.  Shhhhhhh. Honestly, it does not have to be fancy or timed or structured.  Although those things help some people, find small things you can do daily that are quiet,  just for you and that feels good.  For me I love lighting a candle every morning in the fall/winter/spring.  I take some breaths there, think of what I am grateful for, that’s it.  My sweetie walks outside each morning and spends just a few moments breathing in the cool air.  Some people spend time meditating, or doing breathwork.  Doing some gentle stretching is lovely each day.  Even a walk, all alone, with no phone.  Maybe watch the sunset each night.  Give your brain, your heart and your soul some quiet where there is nothing to do, no electronics on, no to do list.  Not even reading or music.  No pressure. Just quiet. And it can be only a few minutes each day.  What quiet will you add each day?  The key is doing it every day and keeping it simple.

I hope 2021 brings you calm, health, and resilience. 

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.

Wildly, Janel at Mountain Rebalance

Hunger and Satiety Hormones

There is a lot more than willpower involved with hunger/satiety.  There are many hormones involved with both and there is a lot we can do to impact them.

Hormones interact with the world and they communicate with one another about what is going on. With hormones there is always a stimulus, a receptor, and an effector.  Our environment impacts each of these. 

We want our hormones to turn on at the right time, to be received successfully, to do their work, and then to turn off. Here, with hunger/satiety hormones, we want to feel hungry at the appropriate time and then we want to feel full after we eat.

Raise your hand if you want to feel satisfied with food and well energized all day. I do! 

What you eat, when you eat, how you process stress, how you move your body, and how well you sleep all impact our hunger/satiety hormones.

Meet some of your hunger hormones………

Leptin – Made primarily in fat tissue.  This hormone acts on the brain (hypothalamus) to inhibit or reduce appetite and induce fat burning (tells you you are full).  It was only discovered in 1994!  This has a circadian rhythm to help you sleep. Leptin resistance (and insulin resistance) is a big factor in over eating. We want our cells to ‘hear’ our hormones so they can do their jobs.  Optimizing blood sugar, reducing inflammation and excess sugar/starches, reducing stress, and removing nutrient-poor and highly palatable foods will help with this. 

CCK or cholecystokinin– This is our main satiation hormone and it is produced in the small intestine.  It slows the emptying of the stomach to promote fullness. It suppresses appetite and signals satiety.  It is especially stimulated by eating proteins such as slow cooked meats (which have specific amino acids and umami to signal fullness), long chain fats such as omega 3s, and fermented foods. 

PP or pancreatic polypeptide– Due to vagal nerve stimulation this is released from the pancreas and inhibits food intake.  This is released in response to chewing.  Chew Chew Chew (and note the importance of the vagus nerve). 

Ghrelin– Made primarily in the stomach and only discovered in 1999.  This hormone stimulates hunger by acting on the brain (hypothalamus) and tells you that you are hungry.  It interacts with leptin and others.  This hormone is impacted by stress and implicated in stress-induced eating and food/reward behavior.   It is released when blood sugar drops, when you are stressed, with high fructose consumption, or when you did not get enough sleep, all making you feel hungry.  A 2006 study by American Society for Clinical Nutrition suggested a breakfast high in protein was better at reducing ghrelin (making you feel full). 


A calorie is not just a calorie.  Our food and lifestyle is information for our body, for our cells, and for our brain.  Our hormones are impacted by our environment.  

What 4 things can you do to ensure your hunger/satiety hormones are working for you? 

1. Focus on whole, nutrient dense foods that your body can recognize (and make sure you are digesting them).  

2. Work on reducing stress, learning to process stress, and never eat when stressed out.  Take at least 3 calming breaths before each meal. 

3. Make sure you are gettting enough sleep each night, 7-9 hours

4. Eat a healthy fat, a clean protein, and fiber at every meal and snack. 

  • Healthy fats include avocados, coconut oil, olives, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, organic butter, olive oil, coconut
  • Clean proteins include eggs, grass fed beef, bison, chicken, lamb, beans, lentils
  • Fiber is in veggies, fruit, nuts/seeds, legumes

Even small changes can have a positive impact on hormones:) 
Eat up, rest up, and enjoy

Wildly, Janel

  • Jones, David. (2010) Functional Medicine Textbook. The Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Nakayama, Andrea.  (2018) Full Body Systems. Functional Nutrition Lab. Endocrine System.
  • Bauman, Ed. (2018) Therapeutic Nutrition- Weight Loss

Janel Ferrin Anderson NC FNLP PhD is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, has her doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a certified family herbalist and a certified yoga therapist. ‘I am dedicated to empowering women to feel their best and to take charge of their health. I help people understand their body and how to use food and lifestyle to improve health and resilience.’

My Inspiration For Bridging The Gap In Healthcare Came From My Son….

One reason I became interested pursing the study and function of the human body and how food and lifestyle impact it was because of my son.

14 years ago my husband and I were told that our 1 year old had Spasticity in his legs, which is a form of Cerebral Palsy from an in-utero stroke. We were told it was something that could not heal but would not get worse. Time would tell how much it would impact his life but we should count on him having to miss a ton of school for doctors appointments and physical therapy throughout his life, getting many surgeries, probably not walking, and we would see what else with time.

We were absolutely shocked.

That is when I went to work figuring out…. WHAT CAN WE DO?

I call this ‘optimistic science and wellness’ and many degrees/certifications/internships later this is essentially what I practice today.

Although we had fabulous doctors from the get go we were treated as Levi’s diagnosis and not the person he was or the people we were (***see footnote about our amazing physical therapists) . It felt like no one was seeing us, no one was there in the docs office to talk to about what was happening in his body and what we could do to impact it. No one was interested in thinking into ways we could enhance his life and optimize how the rest of him functioned so he could thrive and live his best life. No one was curious with us. No one explained ‘what’s going on in there’ so we could better understand the big picture. And no one seemed second guess feeding Levi chocolate pudding, red jello, dino nuggets and white crackers when we were living in the hospital after his massive surgery hoping he recovered strong………

So I started researching, investigating, and thinking into WHAT CAN WE DO to help?

If he was going to miss so much school, have so many surgeries, and not walk how could we maximize how the rest of him functioned and increase his resilience?

I would have to dig into a lot of biochemistry and physiology but luckily I was already in healthcare and was off and running in no time.

With the help of our brilliant physical therapists, we had the muscular/mechanical part down. But I was curious what was going on physiologically with spasticity and how might that have happened. I was curious about his immune system, and what we could do so he wouldn’t miss more school for preventable viruses and infections. I was interested in what we could do to impact his brain function so he was as sharp and clear headed as he could be. I wanted to know how we could we best support him around healing from numerous surgeries. It was only later that I learned how important it would be to optimize how his digestive system worked top to bottom so he was able to break down all the nutrients he needed from foods so he could be his strongest self as well as reduce inflammation from poor digestion. I learned how important reducing chronic inflammation was. With years of studying I learned how important it was to support his liver so he was able to clear all the medications he would need for surgeries. We knew how important his diet would be to ensure he had enough energy to keep up as best as he could, knowing he was working 20 times harder than other kids his age to simply stand.

The list goes on and on. We wanted him to function as best he could knowing he would struggle for his entire life to walk, stand, tie his shoes, and carry a backpack. Turns out there was a lot we could do.

During these years I realized the incredible need to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. We need to think beyond a diagnosis and more into practical ways to optimize any situation. No one ever mentioned food or lifestyle to help Levi function.

So I went back to school to figure out how we could make an impact on the rest of his body and to bridge the gap that we experienced. I spent over a decade searching for what was missing. First I studied Holistic Nutrition, then I studied Natural Medicine, then herbs, and I studied Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition which proved to be the methodical, truly holistic, curiosity driven, and systems-biology approach that I felt was so sorely missing. I began getting curious around what drives symptoms and disease, what can we do at a foundational level to make an impact, and how to educate and support people to make appropriate and sustainable changes.

I call this “what can i do wellness” or “optimistic health and wellness“.

Now, I get to listen to people, I get to hear their story, I teach them about their body, and help them to use food, herbs and lifestyle to optimize how they feel and function. I dig into the science of ‘what is going on in there?’ so we can get an idea of the root cause, or what might be driving or impacting symptoms or disease. I understand that we are all unique and that our environment talks to our genes and impacts their expression. People come to me now with all sorts of goals, diseases, symptoms, dysfunctions, hormone imbalances, history and life experiences. I listen carefully to each person and we map out their body systems including digestion, immune/inflammation, environment, energy production, detoxification, hormones/neurotransmitters, spirit/resilience, and physical integrity. We dig into their personal goals, their unique history, and focus on optimizing how all their body functions at a grass roots and foundational level. I help people to see how everything we do impacts our health; including sleep, stress, mindset, diet, relaxation, movement, and more. I spend the time helping people understand the science of that. There is always something we can do to make a difference and to support our goals if we just understand what’s going on in our own body.

All of this, coupled with my innate desire to find unbiased truth, has let me to my life’s work.

I wish I had someone 14 years ago to join our team and dig into this with us. But I am grateful for our experience as it brought me to where I am today. And I am grateful everyday for our oldest son who is my greatest teacher and who I wouldn’t change a thing about. He is currently writing a hero’s journey short story for high school english. He doesn’t know it yet but he is his own hero in his own journey and he is definitely mine.

“Sometimes a journey is not about the traveler. It is not about a destination. It is about the bringing together of worlds. It is about lighting a path.”
― Thomas Lloyd Qualls

*****On a side note, I should mention that our physical therapists have always been our heroes and wonderful advocates for Levi and our family. Deborah, Amy, and Christine. They did spend a great deal of time supporting us and getting curious with us regarding Levi’s physical movement. I will be forever in debt to our magnificent PTs. It is in fact my goal to bring that kind of thinking, problem solving, curiosity and attention to my clients only for me using food, lifestyle and herbs.

Read more about my story here

Check out our Women’s hormone club here

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Curious about how our gut impacts our health?

Women, Girls, Mothers, Grandmothers- It Is Time To Rise Up, Together

The world needs us to rise up, women.   We need to be brave, strong, and loud.

In order to do that we need to feel our best, have as much energy as possible, be clear headed, and unite. 

Like many of you I was incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, last week. Then I spent some time feeling anxious about what it means politically, moving forward. Thankfully I woke up Monday inspired to take action in my own small way. To RISE and persist like Ruth would have wanted.

RBG spent decade after decade fighting for women’s rights. She  fought for reproductive freedom, equal pay, job based discrimination, financial discrimination, and so many other issues involving  gender discrimination. I am so grateful for her tireless work.

Women need to feel empowered around their health and their body so they can go into the world feeling strong, energized, and sharp. We need to change how healthcare is practiced, seeing the whole person, the whole woman, hearing, trusting, and focusing on using every day tools to optimize health.

When you are stronger WE are stronger 

10 things you can do starting today so you have the resilience and energy it takes to rise up in your own way. 

  1. Sleep at least least 7-9 hours a night, seriously, how can we rise up if we are tired?
  2. Eat whole foods including nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and clean protein. Stay away from any foods that negatively affect you personally
  3. Say no to things and people that bring you down. Practice now……. ‘No’
  4. Discover your heart’s desire and go do it
  5. Play outside in the sunshine, rain, wind, and snow
  6. Drink water, tea, and broth
  7. Cook
  8. Support and encourage other women to do their best and to shine brightly (and you shine as brightly as you can, don’t hide that shit)
  9. Find a way to process your stress and practice doing it every day- meditation, deep relaxation, breath work, mantra, etc
  10. Be careful of the self limiting and negative stories you tell yourself. They are just that, stories, they are not truths and they can sabotage you. Make a new mantra and create new positive stories you tell yourself. It might take time but you can do it.
  11. Speak your truth and speak it loudly

Start making changes today towards feeling your best. Pick one small thing and focus on it until it becomes second nature or habit. You got this! We need every last one of us.

Check out our Women’s Hormone Club that starts this January

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Janel Ferrin Anderson is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional Nutritionist, has her doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a certified family herbalist and a yoga therapist. I am dedicated to empowering women to feel their best and take charge of their health. I would love to support you on your journey towards more resilience, wellness, and ease.

Heal vs Ideal- When Even The Best Diet Won’t Solve Your Problems

Imagine if you wanted to get stronger and you started running or hiking on a broken leg to get in shape. It wouldn’t work. You would get worse and be in tons of pain, even do more damage despite starting a healthy activity. Would you blame running/hiking? No. If your leg was broken you would need to heal the break first, then start up the ideal healthy practice of running/hiking after your body was ready. If the root of your problem was just that you are lazy, then yes, get off the couch and go for a hike. But you need to consider the root of the problem.

Same is true of your gut and overall health

If your digestive function is broken or not functioning right, eating an ideal diet might not work if you do not heal the ‘break’ in the system first.

We all pretty much know now that digestive health and nutrition is the cornerstone of all health, including genetic expression (aka what genes turn on and which ones turn off). Crazy cool and empowering! But if we are not digesting our food, metabolizing our food, and absorbing our food properly we can become depleted, lethargic, gassy, bloated, fatigued, spaced out, unable to sleep, in chronic pain, infertile, anxious, moody, constipated, and so much more…..even on a great diet!


Yes. It is true. I see people all the time in my office that are either eating a ‘great diet’ but still feeling lousy and now frustrated. I also see people that tried to add ‘healthy’ foods to a not so great diet and got horrible results, feeling even worse and now confused, thinking it is the food that is bad for them. Truth is, the food might not work until they fix the root of their problem. We must Heal before we jump to an Ideal diet in this case. There may have been a turning point or trigger in their (or your) history that now requires healing before jumping to an ideal diet.

Another awesome way to look at digestive health in this way (heal vs ideal) is the brilliant analogy Dr. Murray uses about a garbage and flies problem. Say you have a huge fly problem in your house and it is driving you nuts. If you just take away the flies but you still have the garbage that attracted them, the flies will come back eventually. It is all about the terrain that created the problem. You have to get to the root and remove the garbage and only then will the flies not come back. I see this all the time with people trying to optimize their health. You cannot just get rid of the problem without addressing why the condition started in the first place.

This has led me to start a blog series on digestion top to bottom, in small doses with lots of action steps, so you can learn about the different stops along the system and empower yourself to up-level your digestion and in result your health and resilience. Darn near every symptom could be digestion related and there are easy, non invasive, cheap steps you can take to see if getting your digestion to function better might help you feel better.

Of course this series and all of my blog posts are meant to educate and empower, not to treat or diagnose any disease. Please consult your physician with any questions or concerns. Eventually enough stress or damage on the system can create a tipping point and with time a disease state that requires more than healing your digestion. That said, it will always help build resilience and function.

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Janel Ferrin Anderson NC is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people understand their body and feel empowered to take the front seat in their health care. She works with and partners with people to help them optimize how all their body systems function. Click here to schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss your needs

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Janel Ferrin Anderson. Hello. I am Janel. I am pumped to dig into a spring cleanse with you. Empowering people to understand how their body works and how the choices we make impact that is my passion. Optimizing how we function through food and lifestyle choices affects every part of our life including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Join us this spring and optimize YOU. Learn more about me here

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