Supporting with Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications,  Empowering with Education, Investigating Root Cause, Seeing each unique person- Truckee CA

Janel Ferrin Anderson, FNLP DNM NC  Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Certified Family Herbalist, Certified Bio-individualized Nutrition Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Childbirth Educator,  Relentless Pursuer of WHY


It is my goal to help people understand their own unique body, to help people understand how to use food and lifestyle to impact their health/goals, to provide science based education, to help people build RESILIENCE, and to nourish community connection. 


How I help my clients-


1. Support with Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications To Enhance Health-

 Use food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to help you shift the terrain in your unique body, at the deepest level, towards health and to get the nutrients and precursors you need to nourish your organs, glands, enzymes, hormones, barriers, microbiome, neurotransmitters, immune cells, and tissues so you can function your best.  First we need to make sure you are digesting and absorbing what you are eating,  ensure you have a robust and diverse microbiome, and work on reducing chronic inflammation.    Then food and lifestyle can help support immune function, nourish adrenals (hpa axis),  balance hormones, maximize energy, sharpen your mind, decrease anxiety, help you age your best, and build overall resilience.  We focus not only on what you are giving your body but what your body can do with it.  I provide the focus, attention, encouragement, partnership, accountability, and a systems based approach that is needed today. I am on team YOU.   I work one on one with people or in a group setting. 


2. Empower Through Education-

I am obsessed with how the body works and what impacts it. Teaching people the physiology of what is going on in their body empowers them, it helps them to connect the dots between choices and symptoms, and gives them the motivation to make changes.  When we understand what is going on inside our unique body we can take an active role in our health.   Very few things are good or bad inherently.  Instead, if we understand the mechanism at which certain things affect us, depending on who we are and what our genetics and history is, then we can make better choices for ourselves.   I want to empower YOU to feel your best and to understand YOUR unique body.  I help people take an active role in their health by better understanding their own body.  


3. Investigate with Curiosity-

Symptoms, and chronic diseases are messages that our body is dysfunctioning somewhere.  The symptom is rarely the problem, but instead they are a sign that something is off upstream causing or contributing to these problems.  By looking closely at lifestyle, history, lab work, genetics, mindset, biochemistry, symptoms, diet, and more we look upstream for imbalances that are impacting downstream symptoms and function.  We are constantly asking “why” and searching for root causes of symptoms.  We use labs, history, tracking, and mapping to determine what shifts in lifestyle and nutrition and supplementation we need to impact the upstream cause.  We use your body and your personal story as our guide.  Together we will organize, track, make changes, and assess how things impact your health and physiology. 


4. Connect Current Science/Research with intuition, body wisdom, food, lifestyle, and traditional healing


Often we don’t realize our symptoms or diseases are messages that something is off upstream and needs tending to. General symptoms indicating an imbalance that needs to be addressed include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, pms, weight gain, infertility, rashes, achey joints, pms, attention problems, constipation, depression, memory problems, anxiety, irritability, trouble focusing, low sex drive, bloating, gas, water retention, menopause discomforts, and more.   Most often those symptoms are not the actual problem, but instead just the tip of the iceberg, or an upstream imbalance that is causing those symptoms. How loud they have to knock before you listen is up to you. 

At Mountain Rebalance I look at YOUR unique situation and help you feel your best.  There is no standard protocol but instead a personalized approach to the whole person. I know you are the best expert on what’s going on with you and I want to help you to take charge your health!  

A Refreshing and Empowering Way To Take Control of Your Health

I am happy to work alongside any practitioner on your team


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